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Council haven't gave me decorating vouchers ...aibu?

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pinkbruee · 26/09/2022 17:06

Hiya I decorated my full house in April then get a letter from council saying I was having work done.
Which has meant every room is wrecked.
I was promised £40 per room
So altogether £200
It's been 7 weeks since work complete and no decorating vouchers.
Everytime I ring I get told the same thing "we haven't got any in yet"
So basically I'm in limbo I can't decorate until I get them.
Aibu to think I shouldn't be waiting 7 weeks
They've damaged every room in my home yet I can't decorate.
If I was 1p short of my rent they would sharp be on my case.

OP posts:
Gingerkittykat · 26/09/2022 17:11

You're not going to get the response you hope here, a lot of people here hate people who live in council houses.

Either contact your local councillor, or housing officer directly or put in an official complaint to get them to speed up.

Carrieonmywaywardsun · 26/09/2022 17:16

As PP said, you can either find out when they'll get them in or complain in the hope it'll speed things up. Unfortunately it'll be at the bottom of their list of priorities which doesn't help you. Hopefully they sort it soon

Gazelda · 26/09/2022 17:20

I don't think you're unreasonable to expect what has been promised to you.
And yes, they should definitely contribute towards your redecoration costs because they've left your home in a worse state than it was before.
But maybe cut them some slack - 7 weeks isn't a huge amount of time and if they haven't got the vouchers then there's not much they can do until they come into stock.
I hope they come soon and you can get your home back to how you like it.

serenghetti2011 · 26/09/2022 17:20

£40 per room isn’t going to pay for much really but it’s bad they weren’t ready for when the work was done

x2boys · 26/09/2022 17:25

If they haven't got them in they haven't got them in,it's s pain I live in a housing association House, but short of keep complaining I'm not sure what else you can do?

Ragruggers · 26/09/2022 17:29

I would look on Marketplace I have seen people giving away paint.We also have a paint hub where paint is collected and sold at £2 a tin.Could you do this for at least 1 or 2 rooms and Hope the vouchers arrive soon.This way at least you could get started.

slowquickstep · 26/09/2022 17:40

Call them and ask for them and do it once a week until you get them

PineForestsAndSunshine · 26/09/2022 17:54

I think you have every right to be upset, OP. Council or not, they are your landlord and they have responsibilities to their rent-paying tenants!

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