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To ask where has chicken pox vaccine in London?

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ProcrastinatorsAnonymous · 26/09/2022 15:00

My child has had his first dose of chicken pox vaccine privately at a pharmacy and they assured me that they had enough to also do second (despite national shortage of vaccine). They are now saying they’re out of stock. Does anyone know of a pharmacy in London with current stock? Has anyone had this done recently?

Any help massively appreciated! Thank you!

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ProcrastinatorsAnonymous · 26/09/2022 19:01


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SizzlestheSausageDog · 26/09/2022 19:28

We live in the SE and DD had a dose a month ago. None in stock until mid October from our pharmacies estimate. Trials were based on 3 month interval so I'm not too worried about it being a bit later.

Drug info from manufacturer says:
In a study comparing 1-dose (N=1114) and 2-doses (N=1102) given 3 months apart, the estimated efficacy against all severities of varicella disease for the 10-year observation period was 94% for 1-dose and 98% for 2 doses (p<0.001). The cumulative rate of varicella over the 10-year observation period was 7.5% after 1 dose and 2.2% after 2 doses. Most cases of varicella reported in recipients of 1 dose or 2 doses were mild.

ProcrastinatorsAnonymous · 26/09/2022 20:55

@SizzlestheSausageDog Thank you - that's reassuring. He had first dose beginning August. Our pharmacist said their supplier had the vaccine but won't release it?? She wasn't able to give an estimate of when they'd have it back in.

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