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aibu to be unsure about having an infusion of zoledronic acid (aclasta)

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taxesfornhspls · 26/09/2022 12:16

The infusion lasts about 15 months before I would need another and apparently should be a course of 3 over 4 years. Just feel scared about side effects for something that stays in your body for so long.

Have been on many daily drugs for years but that feels different as I could quickly change drugs if side effects were too bad. Has anyone had experience of these infusions? I need it for osteoporosis rather than cancer which obviously makes a difference to my opinion.

Thank you

OP posts:
taxesfornhspls · 26/09/2022 20:48

anyone else with osteoporosis?

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SueblueNZ · 26/09/2022 23:02

Hi there.
I had my first Aclasta infusion, also for osteoporosis, last April.
I ummed and ahhhed for weeks beforehand as info online about the possible side effects was really scary. However, patient reviews calmed me down, with most women reporting only a few days of flu-type symptoms.
I booked a Friday off work, prepped for a lazy weekend in bed, and had the infusion.
I was perfectly fine, not a single side effect then or since.
I've had two falls since, one on a concrete driveway. No fractures or bone breaks (unlike in recent years) so I figure my bones have really strengthened.
I would do it again. Good luck with your decision.

taxesfornhspls · 26/09/2022 23:29

thank you for this. Had you tried the weekly alendronic acid before as I reacted to it which makes me more concerned although that was tablet so unlikely to be the same

OP posts:
SueblueNZ · 28/09/2022 00:19

Sorry about the delay in replying ... I'm in the midst of Covid and a bit dopey.
I didn't have any prior meds for oesteo. When my bone density results came back my doc gave me the options - two types of tablets and the infusion - and I chose the latter.

been and done it. · 28/09/2022 00:30

taxesfornhspls · 26/09/2022 20:48

anyone else with osteoporosis?

Yes I was diagnosed after breaking my back. Three years ago. I couldn't tolerate Aa or Risedronate so have denosumab injections twice a year..initially I had huge meltdowns about it all but all seems OK at the moment. I'm just careful not to fall over although I did a banana skin fall last year thankfully with no injuries.

Blix · 28/09/2022 00:51

I take alendronic acid for osteoporosis. Had huge concerns but was actually reassured by my dentist. I can understand your worries if you had problems with as but I understand they are usually gastric.
I do know a few people who had it with breast cancer and all were fine.

BoredOfGrey22 · 28/09/2022 11:25

I had my first Zoledronic acid infusion earlier this year. The day of the infusion I was absolutely fine, but the following 3 days my whole body ached terribly, I felt like I had the flu. I wasn't prepared for it as despite knowing the side effects, I had assumed I would be fine. I am usually very hardy!
So the next time I am booked in I will take a few days off work, get the paracetamol & ibuprofen ready and be better prepared! The benefits far outweigh the short term side effects at in my opinion.

teddyandgypsy · 26/10/2022 20:49

As far as I am concerned this drug is spawn of the devil. I tolerated chemotherapy and had no probs with radiotherapy, but this stuff is evil. 12hrs post infusion my bones were so painful they had to fix me up with an ibruprofen drip each day. Could not move, spine felt as if it was disconnected from my body. Constant nausea and that leaden feeling in my stomach.
One month on I am only just re-surfacing and look and feel like an old woman. Each person must make their own decision but there is no way I am doing this again. For the one or two percentage points it provides, the cost to quality of life is too high. This is the worst pain I have experienced in my entire life.

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