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Peri menopausal or something else?

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Actuallyquiteexcitedaboutchristmas · 25/09/2022 15:30

What were your peri menopause symptoms, if any?
I’m 44, had covid in March 2020 and long covid for two years, during this time, my periods weren’t really proper periods, v v light and only a few days.
Fast forward to this May, I get covid again…June/July onwards, I’ve had periods lasting more than two weeks, stop and start bleeding and blood clots. I have the return of stomach cramps, not had these since before my Dd was born. I feel down a lot, like really down-what’s the point type, flat feeling, when really my life is nice and I should have a lot to look forward to.
I feel v tired too
Is this peri menopause or something else, Googled last night and really worked myself up.
I have a doctors appointment but isn’t for another few weeks yet.

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