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Keep getting bugs - please help!

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C1239 · 25/09/2022 07:46

Since having covid nearly a year ago I keep picking up every bug going. It seems every month I have something, either a stomach bug, or the start of a cold achy legs etc but the cold doesn’t fully materialise. Finding it so frustrating. I don’t think my diet is the healthiest it could be and I’m stressed about work a lot which makes me anxious and I guess these things can weaken the immune system but I’m wondering if I should go to the doctors and see if I can get some general bloods done? Is anyone else finding they are getting poorly more often nowadays?

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Mamamia7962 · 25/09/2022 07:58

It could be a long-term effect of COVID or it could just be that you are run down. If you are getting the start of a cold but it doesn't develop in to anything that's a sign that your immune system is working and fighting off the virus.

C1239 · 25/09/2022 08:04

It’s making me feel anxious because literally every couple of weeks I don’t feel great, then obviously I don’t know if it’s just anxiety causing the symptoms. I know it sounds ridiculous. If I am just run down how is best for me to give myself a boost?

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ladyofshertonabbas · 25/09/2022 08:06

You say your diet’s not great. Up your vitamin C intake.

Mamamia7962 · 25/09/2022 08:12

Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and make sure you get enough sleep. Don't mean this to sound patronising but always wash hands before eating.

With regards to stress/anxiety try and be Pro active rather than reactive. Work out what it is you're anxious about and then come up with solutions that would make you feel better.

C1239 · 25/09/2022 08:15

Thank you for your kind replies, I’ve woken up feeling down about it this morning. My main anxiety is about my job and now about the fact I keep feeling unwell every couple of weeks.

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ItsNotReallyChaos · 25/09/2022 08:24

Our gut health informs lots of other areas of our health as well. Probiotics could help your system recover. Either really good quality yoghurt or Kefir (I'm not a fan of the taste of Kefir but Tim's Dairy Kefir is actually really really nice). Or you can get probiotics in tablet form.

Otherwise as varied a diet as possible and plenty of fresh air and exercise. It's hard to believe these things will help when you're at a low ebb but they really do.

C1239 · 25/09/2022 08:30

I have started a bit of jogging after work in the last week but then it gets to the weekend and I’m feeling ropey again! And I know I’m already anxious about work next week. Do you think it’s worth asking for general bloods or am I overthinking it ?

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Mamamia7962 · 25/09/2022 11:15

You could ask for blood tests, especially if it puts your mind at rest. What is it about your job that makes you anxious. What type of work do you do?

mamabear715 · 25/09/2022 11:27

@C1239 Tbh I would leave the jogging for now, until your bod heals itself. Just my opinion, of course. Obvs still get fresh air, but look after yourself. Anxiety is a killer. :-( Maybe some antidepressants for a short while?

C1239 · 25/09/2022 11:54

It’s a new job so I think i just feel really unsure about it at the moment and when there is a day that’s slightly different I feel anxious . Is it quite easy to get bloods done at the doctors? Seems quite hard just to get appointments at the moment.

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Mamamia7962 · 25/09/2022 15:43

If it's a new job I'm not surprised you feel anxious, that is a normal response that I think we all have when starting somewhere new. It will settle down once you have been there a while and are used to it.

The best thing to do is book an appointment with your GP and see what they suggest, that might be a blood test or they may suggest trying other things first.

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