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To brag about this small win

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Summersummersun · 24/09/2022 19:30

I’ve posted on here not so long ago about my 6 year old basically being a rude, premature teenage horror. The summer holidays were pretty relentless.

He’s been so much better since going back to school, and it’s given DP and I space to in turn deal with him better.

The last couple of weeks, if he says something rude to us (he told me to “zip!” The other day!) or misbehaves, he will almost always come back a few minutes later to say sorry, and give a cuddle, completely unprompted.

This might sound like a non thing to parents with well behaved, compliant DC, but DS is far from compliant and it’s really felt like a turning point in his maturity.

Sure I’ve jinxed that now and he’ll go back to being a horror!

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TooMuchToDoTooLittleInclination · 24/09/2022 19:32

Long may it last!! 🤞🏼🤞🏼

mamabear715 · 24/09/2022 19:33

Your secret is safe with me, I shan't tell a soul!

Great news btw!

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