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NHS mental health support worker

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Barrybear · 24/09/2022 10:23

I know this isn't technically an aibu, however as this is really the only board I use and it gets more traffic I hope people won't be too cross with my thread.

I have an interview for a mental health support worker role in the NHS this week and I really want the job!
I think I'm qualified and I'm definitely interested and keen. However I have no idea what types of questions they might ask me. This is the first interview after finishing my Degree and complete change of career!

I wonder if anyone who has been in this role, interviewed people for this role or have any vague experience in what they might ask me could give me some pointers on what I should revise beforehand?

I really don't want to mess this up and I know there will be competition for this job as its an excellent stepping stone should I want to progress onto something else at a (much) later date.

Any suggestions/advice would be gratefully received!

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