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To think this is cruel to the animals?

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dietandfeast · 23/09/2022 21:17

My daughter is 30 and is a single mum to a 9 year old boy. She is currently undertaking her masters degree and she works around 10 hours per week. However, she is in a very small house. A living room, kitchen, bathroom, two small bedrooms and a box room and porch. Her garden is average. However she has 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a hamster as well as her and her daughter.

To be fair her dogs are small breeds but she is now talking about getting a third dog. Her dad (my ex husband) is well off and he pays for the dogs insurance and their food each month. He agreed to this as she asked and asked and asked. She convinced him that while she was a student that getting dogs would be best over summer whilst she had the time off (bar working). He agreed as long as she takes over once working. She is doing a vocational course so this is likely.

The animals are well cared for and walked etc/ the cats are outside cats and they aren't left along for huge periods of time. She does love them and speaks about them as if they are her other children, lots of pics sent etc. But I think 5 animals in such a small space is bad enough without adding a fifth animal into the mix.

It's honestly as if she is trying to replace something in life she doesn't have through animals. Is there anyway to stop this and is this cruel to have that many animals in a small space? Her house must stink (I do visit often).

OP posts:
Babyroobs · 23/09/2022 21:21

You have said they are small breeds, that they are well looked after and not left on their own for long. How on earth is it cruel ? My dogs have a much bigger space but they don't spend loads of time racing around it or roaming around it. When they are not being walked etc they are mostly sleeping !

DaphneSprucesPippasClack · 23/09/2022 21:21

You say her house must stink /I do visit often. Did you mean don't?

NeverDropYourMooncup · 23/09/2022 21:27

Three bedroomed house, two cats that go outside, two small dogs, one child (who may or may not be a boy or a girl), one small furry thing in an enclosure? Another small dog would fit fine.

I wonder why she doesn't have you visit often enough to know whether her perfectly nice house smells or not?

NotJustAnybody · 23/09/2022 21:37

Not everyone lives in a Mansion OP. The animals sound well looked after. If you were talking about 2 big Rottweilers/GSD in a flat and not walked regularly then there would be cause for concern.
Why would the house be smelly? Do you visit or not? Is your daughter a single Mum to a 9 yr old boy and a daughter - sorry, it doesn't add up!

FarmerRefuted · 23/09/2022 21:38

She's 20. Not your circus, not your monkeys (or not your dogs, not your house in this case).

dietandfeast · 23/09/2022 22:17

Anything else?

OP posts:
Frlrlrubert · 23/09/2022 22:19

I call reverse.

I think the answer you're looking for is 'why yes, your daughter fills her life with small furry things to compensate for the love you seem incapable of giving her'.

Reallyreallyborednow · 23/09/2022 22:21

Her house must stink (I do visit often)

if you visit often surely you know whether it stinks or not?

RedEcho · 23/09/2022 22:21

I'm with you OP. Some people turn into animal collectors and don't know when to stop. Pets need a lot of individual attention and I don't see how she can give them that when she has so many, unless she does nothing else. How will she walk or find time to train 3 dogs?

YungDumbThrills · 23/09/2022 22:25

Her house actually sounds bigger than mine, and I have two large spaniels, two cats, DS and myself. I manage absolutely fine. I also work and studying a part time degree. My animals are part of my family and give me and DS a lot of love and laughs.

YungDumbThrills · 23/09/2022 22:26

Oh, and my house doesn't smell of animals either.....DS's arse smells worse than the dogs 😂

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