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Next doors fire burnt my sunlounger

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PreferAnimals · 23/09/2022 19:05

Next door were burning some wood in their garden the other day. Luckily I hadn't already put my washing on the line as it was quite a nice sunny day. I think it would have been polite to just give us the heads up (I would have done). Anyway, I could see bits and embers flying all in the air from their garden to ours, but today DH has been out and there's a big burn in our new wooden sunlounger 😬. I don't really want to make a big deal so relations become awkward but I'm obviously not happy and don't want it to happen again 🥴
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HappyHamsters · 23/09/2022 19:10

You could talk to them, ask if they could contain their fire more safely, they may offer to buy you a new one or could you claim it on your insurance.

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