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Lack of effort from sibling

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Cannotmakeadecison · 23/09/2022 10:00

Feeling a bit fed up with my DB’s complete lack of effort with our side of the family. DB and his wife live around 4 hours from us so we obviously don’t see each other that much. A few times a year if that. We both have a DC each. Their DC is two and mine has just turned 1. There was quite a big family fallout when their DC was turning 1 as we had only managed to see their child a couple of times that year due to Covid restrictions etc and they basically got very upset with our perceived lack of effort and interest in their child. Tried not to take it personally as realised they probably struggled with everything over that year as they had no family support nearby and being first time parents in the middle of Covid was obviously shit for multiple reasons. Anyway, I apologised/grovelled (they were seriously annoyed) and since then have made major attempts to build bridges with visits, making sure birthday gifts were posted on time (for the adults) and visiting for their child’s birthdays with gifts etc. The issue is that none of this is reciprocated, there is no effort to visit us, I got a text at 11pm on my birthday and when my son turned 1 his gift was sent unwrapped two weeks late.

Petty I know but I can’t help but feel hurt. I don’t want to do a tit for tat thing where I stop making any sort of effort for them but maybe I should.

Anyone else had this in their family?

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