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Placemarking, Following. Full stop

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BradPittsLeftTit · 23/09/2022 10:00

I KNOW there have been numerous threads on this but my goodness this is annoying

Any time there is a decent juicy thread it gets absolutely full of people


The thread then gets over full and a new one needs starting where it begins all over again.

Worse is when it's a sensitive topic, OP is struggling and you get total cockwombles placemarking which is in terrible taste

So AIBU to tell you AGAIN that if you click 'watch thread' either in the app or desktop, you can save the thread

Even better, if you select the last post you read and click 'bookmark' it will remember where you left off (again you can do this in the app or desktop as I use both and it works well)

And yes I know this thread is now going to fill with hilarious posters typing 'following' and my head will then explode 😆

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