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To delete them from the WhatsApp chat

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darkbluenails · 23/09/2022 00:56

3 people have declined an invite to my sons party. Is it rude for me to delete them off the WhatsApp chat group? It's a group especially for the party. If I said no I would remove myself but they're there just lurking and watching and read every message I put up within seconds, it's annoying me. I'm not particularly friends with any of them but don't want to offend them by deleting them.

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watcherintherye · 23/09/2022 01:02

Why are lots of messages being exchanged? Isn’t it just for parents to let you know if their dc can come? Does it matter if the non attendees’ parents are reading the messages? So many questions!

tonightelmowillrise · 23/09/2022 01:03

Why do you have a WhatsApp chat for a kids party? Surely you just give the details and…see them there?

pawkins · 23/09/2022 01:12

Its fine to delete them.

I set up WhatsApp groups for my kid's parties so I can send details and a reminder beforehand to one group instead of individual messages.

If they aren't going, just delete them. I've always done this (and I've added any new invitees who take their places if that applies).

Iwannabelikeyouoohooh · 23/09/2022 01:14

If I get added to a group party & I can't go (which is rare) I delete myself from the group after sending my apologies. Hopefully they will too.

MrsTerryPratchett · 23/09/2022 01:25

Why do you care? So they read messages? And?

I mean delete them if you'd like but it's a fairly short term issue.

ArmWrestlingWithChasNDave · 23/09/2022 01:27

I can't imagine even noticing this, let alone caring enough to write an MN thread about it. Why does it bother you? Why do you need advice and approval to do such a trivial thing?

Noonereallyinteresing · 23/09/2022 01:28

Delete them. They might not want to cause offence by removing themselves after decling your invite.

NarNooNarNoo · 23/09/2022 01:49

I get added to so many party WhatsApp groups for my DS. Any he can’t attend I either remove myself or expect to be removed.

The messages are typically for invite, food allergies, and other party details - then maybe some pics after the event so no reason why someone not attending needs to see them.

It’s fine to delete, don’t overthink it!

Letthekidsplay · 23/09/2022 02:04

Create a new chat for those who are going?

Beautiful3 · 23/09/2022 03:15

Of course you delete them. They're not going to be bothered by it.

NoSquirrels · 23/09/2022 03:35

If you feel weird about it just do a quick ‘Thanks X/Y/everyone for letting me know whether your child can make it - I’ll take anyone off the chat now who can’t come so you’re not bombarded with messages😀’

It would not occur to me to give a shit about being deleted. Don’t overthink these things!

darkbluenails · 23/09/2022 06:43

Thank you. It does seem a trivial thing, I over think everything. You're right, they shouldn't be offended. I'll do it

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