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Any registrars around?

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Beachsidesunset · 22/09/2022 15:27

My birth surname was 'A'
Changed it via deed poll to 'B'
Got married (no change)
Changed it via deed poll to 'C'

Registered the birth of our baby today and the registrar put C under 'mother's name', A under 'maiden surname' and B under 'surname at marriage if different from maiden surname'. Went on our way with shiny new birth certificate.

We then got a call to say a mistake had been made with my names and they needed to reissue it (waiving the £90 fee because it was their fault).

AIBU to not see what the problem is?

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Aspergirl77 · 22/09/2022 15:37

I’m a registrar. Your maiden name should have been recorded as name B as that was the name you entered into the marriage as. The surname at marriage box is only used when the mother has been married more than once, and then the surname the mother was using when she entered into her last (most recent) marriage is recorded. Hope that helps!

Beachsidesunset · 22/09/2022 15:42

Thank you, that is really helpful! I have a feeling the same error might have been made on some of my other children's birth certificates (2015/17/19) - should I look to amending them too? Don't fancy 3 x £90 fees though!

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