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AIBU to think that reducing part-time work benefits will not increase the labour supply, and just impoverish people further?

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Rosehugger · 22/09/2022 12:02

This measure by the Chancellor seems ridiculous in a cost of living crisis. Loads of people working part time in lower paid roles are presumably doing so because they have caring/other responsibilities or ill health that means they can't do any more? So they won't be doing more work but will just have even less money. Great.

Kwasi Kwarteng to shrink part-time work benefits to grow labour supply

Further this seems a direct attack on women, and middle-aged women in particular as he is targetting over 50s. Obviously he wants women to do all the low-paid caring jobs that hardly anyone currently wants to do at the moment because there are other, far better jobs which pay more.

Adult social care in England is in crisis, say Tory council leaders

Another category of part time workers will not be receiving benefits but quite happy to stay part time as it suits their lifestyle/health needs/family needs. So again, they won't be going FT anytime soon and it will not increase the labour supply.

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Scottishflower65 · 22/09/2022 12:09

Agree. Incentives would work better. For example, if in receipt of state pension but want to work a few days a week, let people earn a tax free amount.

Sophfreddie · 22/09/2022 13:15

Hmm, I see your point but I also see his..
I'm a member of management in a chain store - you wouldn't believe the amount of applicants we have with great CVs, walk the walk and talk the talk during interview - get offered the job, then announce they can't do more than 12 hours because of benefits. Great.

So it's not just people who have ill health or other responsibilities (though I do feel for those people).

That being said, I agree with your title "AIBU to think that reducing part-time work benefits will not increase the labour supply, and just impoverish people further?" - for those on 12 hour contracts, it's not just as simple as "increasing their hours" - many employers (i might be generalising but the company i work for definately is, i cant imagine were the only ones!) particularly in retail, are cutting back on hours because the profit isn't what it was! (Cost of living!), and I cant help feeling its mighty unfair to make these people apply for jobs, attend interviews, and have regular meetings with their work coach, when they already have a job!

Overthebow · 22/09/2022 13:25

Honestly I think it’s fair enough. It’s only being raised to 15 hours and why shouldn’t someone have to work 2 days a week? Anyone genuinely too unwell to work will be exempt as they are now.

i would love to just work 12 or 15 hours a week but we can’t afford that so I do more.

serenghetti2011 · 22/09/2022 13:26

It’s rubbish, I work part time as a nurse. I can only get child care for 2 days - my youngest has additional needs so regular childcare isn’t appropriate so dad has him his 2 days off I work those days. Life is full on the other days, it’s hard work no sleep, soiling etc etc I get stuff done whilst he’s at school but I’m then exhausted for work. I’d rather work full time and be able to earn more and support myself and progress my career, I’m hoping that will change when my son is older but right now it’s all I can do.

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