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To think this is silent reflux and ask the GP for medication?

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MyKidsThrowFood · 21/09/2022 22:03

My 4 month old DS2 started out as a 'good' breast feeder and quickly regained birth weight. But, from 6 weeks, feeds became increasingly hard work - he feeds for a minute or so, then pulls off seeming upset, re-latches, pulls off again etc etc. It takes about half an hour to get even 5 minutes or active feeding in. He often seems uncomfortable for a while after feeds too and likes to be held upright. (The only feeds that are okay are the night feeds - no idea why they should be different!) Now his weight gain is slowing down and he's dropped below the lowest centile.

I've seen GP, HV, lactation consultants- no one can tell me what's going on but I'm becoming increasingly frustrated and worried.

Does anyone have experience with silent reflux? Could that be it? Or would that affect night feeds too? Any (kind) suggestions welcome!

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MyKidsThrowFood · 21/09/2022 22:05

I should have added - he's 18 weeks now so given up hope he'll 'grow out of it' like the HV said!

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Darkstar4855 · 21/09/2022 22:10

Is he curious about other things going on around him? Mine was a bit like that at that age. I found it helped feeding him in a quiet room without lots going on.

Hankunamatata · 21/09/2022 22:11

I wonder if its your let down or too much for milk rather than hind milk during the day.

Stichintimesavesstapling · 21/09/2022 22:11

On my experience reflux is a symptom not a cause and using meds only masks the real underlying issue. I'd cut out dairy and see if things improve as it may well be cmpa.

Hankunamatata · 21/09/2022 22:15

Do you lie down to feed at night

MyKidsThrowFood · 21/09/2022 22:22

@Darkstar4855 he pulls off and cries or sort of choak-coughs and seems upset. (sometimes he pulls off and looks around but I'm not worried about that.)

@Hankunamatata I don't lie down to feed at night - just prop myself up on pillows

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pinkunicorns54 · 21/09/2022 22:27

Sounds like my CMPA baby, who only got diagnosed at 4.5 months as they stopped putting / started losing weight.
Are they sick? What made are their poos like? Any eczema? Hiccups? Sneezing?

These were all symptoms for mind, but saw them as isolated incidents until 1 HV put them together.

BungledBundle · 21/09/2022 22:28

One of mine had silent reflux many years ago. These were exactly his symptoms. He was also (mis)diagnosed with cows milk protein allergy. He also weirdly fed calmly at night. I could never understand it. He ended up failing to thrive and turned out to have other underlying issues but Omeprazole greatly reduced his reflux symptoms.

I was breastfeeding but also found he fed more calmly from MAM bottles with those funny squashed teat things.

Feelinglow27 · 21/09/2022 22:48

My experience of silent reflux - effected baby's breath, and shuffled/ grunted about loads at night as was unsettled on back after feed. Only my experience though. Got much better once proper food was involved. Sending hugs, whatever it is, its hard to cope with.

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