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Health anxiety - please talk me down?

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elephantsbreafh · 21/09/2022 17:54

Posted here for traffic. Apologies if the description is a bit graphic.

I have a skin condition called hidradenitis suppurativa. It basically causes horrible boil-like lumps in my groin and inner thighs. I had several flare up the other day, and although they were initially very red, sore and inflamed they burst quickly. I’ve kept the area clean and covered with a dressing but it’s still very painful and feels like there is still some crap under the skin. To add some context, I also have some mild health anxiety and tend to panic unnecessarily (not about the HS, just generally).

Tonight I feel absolutely rotten. Stomach pains, headache, I feel cold and shivery despite the house being warm. I don’t want to eat, just want to sleep. I don’t have a temperature. I’m panicking about sepsis even though I know it’s likely not related to the lumps, especially since most of them have drained. I’m a single mum and home alone with my baby in bed at the moment.

Can someone please tell me I likely feel crap because I’ve been up since 4.30am, my baby has cried most of the day, I’ve been for a 5 mile walk, and don’t think I’ve had a chance to even drink any water today, rather than it being sepsis?

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Firstawake · 21/09/2022 18:03

Have you taken some pain relief for starters?

elephantsbreafh · 21/09/2022 18:05

@Firstawake I took paracetamol about half an hour ago. It hasn’t kicked in yet.

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rosael56 · 21/09/2022 18:10

Well the fact you don't have a temperature tells me it's not sepsis. I'm pretty sure that's one of the main symptoms, an abnormally high (or low) temp

Firstawake · 21/09/2022 18:11

Keep on top of the pain relief (every 4-6 hours).
It siunds like youve worked hard to keep the area clean so i would be suprised if it is infected.
Maybe you have a virus running along side your condition.
It also sounds lime you pushed yourself too hard today.
Get hydrated, try to eat some carbs and be kind to yourself.
Hopw baby settles so you can rest, do you have anyone to call on?

If at all worried 111 are there to help. 💐

user6363 · 21/09/2022 18:11

I have this. I also feel like I’m about to walk into the waiting arms of death regularly and then realise I haven’t drank any water that day. You’re going to be fine.

elephantsbreafh · 21/09/2022 21:06

Thanks everyone. I went to bed very early and have been up vomiting a few times so I think it’s another of the endless bugs brought home since baby started childcare. But I’m feeling much calmer. Thank you for the reassurance.

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MumE78 · 21/09/2022 21:12

You poor thing it's sounds very painful.

I suffer with awful anxiety just like yours.
Candle lit bath with the radio on to relax you.
Try drinking water, you might have an infection so drink plenty, water is like a medicine to our bodies

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