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To ask if you have hours or days when you do nothing at work?

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IconicKitty · 21/09/2022 16:53

I work a mainly remote job, and sometimes there are days when I sit there flicking through tabs and waiting for emails that never come. And usually when I do have work to do, I get it done quickly.

I feel guilty because I want to be busy, but it's not easy to create work for myself in my role. I haven't had any bad feedback about my job but sometimes I wonder if I will be made redundant due to the lack of work? Especially as I haven't been there long.

I am uneasy about asking for more work as it will draw attention to the fact I don't have enough in my role.

Some have said this is normal for people working from home as you don't have filler in the day that you would in the office, such as chit chat and unnecessary meetings.

OP posts:
DatingDinosaur · 21/09/2022 18:01

I would try and get over that if I was you. Try to see it as being proactive and willing to work instead – showing keenness, initiative and time management skills (all useful when going for promotions too).

Where I work there is an unwritten rule that it is expected that we ask and it is frowned upon if we don’t.

Our bosses know exactly how much work is coming in and can see how quickly it gets done, and who by, so they expect to be receiving emails saying “I’m all caught up/up to date. Is there anything that needs doing?”. If there isn’t then so be it but it’s good to ask the question.

You mention you’ve not been there long. Is it possible that you’re still “on probation”, so to speak? If that’s the case, they could be filtering your workload so as not to overwhelm you initially, and are waiting for you to ask for it to be increased.

DatingDinosaur · 21/09/2022 18:02

Sorry, meant to quote this before my reply:

"I am uneasy about asking for more work as it will draw attention to the fact I don't have enough in my role."

Lullabies2Paralyze · 21/09/2022 18:06

Yes plenty of my past jobs I have had times with nothing much to do. My current company I originally started at a very basic entry level and there wasn’t enough work to share between us at times (other times very busy). I used the downtime to up my knowledge on other roles so that I was confident to apply for promotions when they came about.

other jobs I have just slacked off and played on phone / browsed internet. Not professional but literally nothing else to do.

MoltenLasagne · 21/09/2022 18:07

I get dead times sometimes in that I send an email and need a response before I can progress but I usually have admin things I can do while waiting. Once a month I have a whole day where I send off files on day 1, have nothing to do on day 2 and then have a crazy day on day 3. My boss knows I finish early day 2 because I work 7 - 11 the following day.

magaluf1999 · 21/09/2022 18:07

If you word it as a problem of fundamental proportions you could be worried.

But at first i think id try, 'dear giver of work, im just prepping for next week and i have a few gaps, i know xyz may drop but i think i could pick something else up, what do you recommend'?

Once you have done this a few times they should gradually start to think of you whenever stuff lands and put it your way. Particularly if you turn it around so well. Also if you tell them a few times and they dont send you anything, depending on your personality type sit back and relax or look for something else.

Purplepepsi · 21/09/2022 18:08

You're joking!!!! 😂 Never!

WittyCoolUsername · 21/09/2022 18:10

Yup. I work 2hs max a day actual work. I feel I'm being paid more for my expertise than acual hours of grind. (I'm a toxicologist and I WFH)

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