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To ask for personal/second hand accounts of the unexplained

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Mindmyown · 21/09/2022 16:35

Anyone got any good chilling stories? Like real life goosebump moments... been reading some threads about "sensing evil" and the stories are just deliciously addictive, I'm loving all the second hand chills. I'm not so much a "woo" person myself but I love a good scary story that makes me think "what if.."

YABU - stop encouraging the "woo" nonsense
YANBU - bring on the ghost stories! Sleep is for the weak 😅

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CuriousMama · 23/09/2022 14:42

Luana1 · 23/09/2022 10:09

When I was in my 20s my then boyfriend was killed overseas in tragic circumstances. The night after we found out he had died, at around 2am I got a call on my mobile phone from the country he had been in, there was no-one on the line, but a distant crackling noise. I was freaked out and hung up quite quickly. There was no-one in that country that would have my mobile number, he didn't have a phone with it stored on or anything.

Another unexplained thing happened after my dad died a couple of years ago. He had bought my son a wooden magnetic rocket when he was a baby and a piece had been missing for ages. I had previously turned the house upside down looking for it as my son loved the toy. The day we got back from my dad's funeral, the missing piece was on the floor in the middle of the living room, and I strongly felt my dad's presence for a few moments.

That's so comforting 💖


oprahfan · 23/09/2022 21:36

When I was about 17, I walked into my parents bedroom to get the hairdryer.
It was a sunny afternoon, a totally normal day.
My mum was downstairs with a friend having coffee.
As I turned to leave the room, I heard my name being loudly whispered by one of my deceased grandfathers by the wardrobe door.
I hadn’t been close to him growing up, but it was most definitely his voice.
I ran down the stairs as fast as I could, terrified , to tell my mum and friend what I’d just heard.
Another time, sitting in the living room watching the evening news. The curtains were drawn and the room was warm and cosy. Suddenly felt someone blow into my face…cue me running into the kitchen to find my mum, utterly terrified again!
Living where I do now, you have to walk up a fairly long driveway to get to my front door, you have to walk past my living room window to get to the door.
Several times when my son was little, a man with a long Barbour jacket and hat would come up to my door. I ran to open the door, as I didn’t want him to ring the bell and wake my son up. I opened the door and there was no one there…………..One Christmas Day my MIL was sitting on the sofa and she said …..”oh…there’s a man with a hat coming up to your door…….”. I had to explain there wasn’t……..after that never saw him again.


Fancypotatoes · 09/11/2022 22:10

Lots of odd experiences over the years. When I was about 10 we had an attic conversion. There was a bang next to my head on the wall then the sound of something falling down past the top bunk to the bottom bunk which my sibling also heard. Always had the feeling of being watched in that space and felt breath on my face, I was utterly terrified in the attic. Same house years before my dad was watching TV in living room and someone walked up to my bedroom door (who at first I thought was my dad but I heard him laughing at the TV) I could see a man's feet stop at the door, so I used to say a lot of prayers to feel safe and go under my covers. My dad once shouted at me for pushing him as a joke but he went sheet white when he realised I wasn't anywhere near him. The people next door complained a woman was standing over the cot as well. They were old terraced houses.

Another time, I was pushed on the way up some stairs, felt like a strong jab and nobody was there. It was a very old converted mill I rented an apt in and I always felt I wasn't alone, just a strange feeling, nothing bad however. My apt was in the basement. It did feel creepy but not sinister.

Another house I rented in my 20s I started trying out mediation and had to stop as weird things started happening. There was an almighty bang on the wall (wall joining my room and the spare bedroom so not linked to other houses). It was such a big bang as though a person had punched it. Also a bag flew off the landing into my face, it whipped me so hard. I always ignored these incidents. Just couldn't explain it.

I've had smoke smells when working alone late when nobody else around and I mean such a strong smell and going out to look for where it's coming from. Perfume too like the strongest smell of flowers. It's happened only a handful of times. Over powering and short lived, which left me thinking I had a brain tumour. I don't have any illnesses and I'm very skeptical too.

For some time my youngest pointed to the ceiling and said I don't like the scary bird night after night. It eventually stopped. Slightly unsettling.

The other night I was unable to sleep because I heard at 1am someone walk up the stairs open and close safety gate and the kitchen door and go into the kitchen. I thought why is my daughter down there. I was angry at her being so noisy. I called her and nothing so I went heart beating to check on her only to find her asleep. I honestly thought we had an intruder. I still can't explain what happened and it's not happened again thank god. Probably fell asleep and didn't realise I was dreaming.


FineBerol · 29/01/2023 09:26

@Tha Wow that's amazing. Where did you first find this story/recollection?


Bbq1 · 29/01/2023 10:08

Placemarking an old thread!

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