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How to deal with ex's threats

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ellie09 · 19/09/2022 09:21

Okay so, I'm going through a hard time at the moment. I'm well aware. My anxiety levels are through the roof. I have about 80% custody of our child during the week plus work 50 hours a week with a couple of health conditions. A relationship recently broke down. I'm worn out, and started therapy recently because I realized I needed a bit of guidance.

So, ex has caught on to my drop in behavior and started on a huge, abusive rant of me. He's called me a horrible mother, one that can't provide, that I have "serious mental issues" and need to sort out my life because I look "unhealthy" - more specifically a "thumb looking bitch".

I've left it a while before responding as I don't want to out of anger. But I told him that if he actually had concerns about our child's welfare then he would do anything in his power to get custody, not just send me abusive messages.

I need to note, although I'm struggling, the child is well looked after, we go on trips out, He's well fed and well loved.

I didn't know whether to call him out on his own game, say yes well I am struggling so there you go - a month trial, you take him on 5 days a week and I'll have him too, transfer all responsibility for a month to see how he really copes/feels.

I deal with the same issue several times a year. He constantly brings up how he would be better at it, that he's more than willing, yet two days a week is a struggle for him to take his child.

I don't know whether trying to call his bluff and do this will either stop all this nonsense with him, or else it may end up damaging our child?

I've told him from now on if he has legitimate concerns, to report them rather than giving me tons of abusive via text message.

Worth nothing I left him due to abuse in the first place.

Any advice would be appreciated

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JobSeekingMissile · 19/09/2022 09:29

Ignore him. He's looking to provoke. I wouldn't give him more responsibility as you run the risk of that working out, and you losing custody.

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