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To complain about this?

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EspressoPatronumm · 19/09/2022 04:53

A random man turned up at my house on Saturday morning carrying a bag of medication he got given from the pharmacy in the village where I live. He was given a paper bag of medication with his name on the front and all my medication inside.

All my medications for the month, with my address, date of birth and full name they had been packaged up, and then someone else's name put on the front and given to him.

He got home opened the bag up and realised they weren't his, so walked them round to me on Saturday.

I know it's not a massive problem because I have my medication now, but it just isn't right.

Would you complain?

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lemoncurdling · 22/09/2022 19:15

MinnyMous · 19/09/2022 23:27

If you feel like it, you can make a complaint to the body that oversees pharmacies. I did once when I was given medications that were double the normal dose on two occasions. Both of the drugs could have had serious consequences for someone. I'm an ex HCP so always check. They get a rap over the knuckles and some retraining, that's all, so not major penalties but enough for them to check their systems are more robust.

I also did this when I was given someone else’s medication. They took it very seriously and the pharmacy had to do a massive review of all their processes.


greenhousegal · 22/09/2022 19:16

It was an error, the pharmacy has been notified. They understand the seriousness of the error and will try to ensure it doesn't happen again. No need to report to the God of Drug Supplies or anything dramatic like that. Let the pharmacy deal with it. I doubt they will just shrug their shoulders and forget about it.

And I just wondered if the parcels of meds are very big that you all get? I have 7 different meds per month and I never leave the pharmacy unless I have opened the bag and had a look to see if all 7 are there, which is easy enough for me as I recognise the names and the boxes. If pharmacist ever has to substitute with generic, she tells me, and will also tell me if they are short of any and the day they will be available. I can have the meds delivered to my door for free within 24 hours of a phone order if I am ill or the weather is bad etc. I'm lucky I suppose.

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