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To always use a changing table with toddler

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Elz1998 · 18/09/2022 16:12

Ftm here, am I being unreasonable still to use a changing table for every nappy change with a toddler?

OP posts:
gogohmm · 18/09/2022 16:13

Surely that's just up to you. I never had one at home anyway (I put the mat on my bed) out generally I did but mine were petite

WatchingTheCloudsRollAway · 18/09/2022 16:14

Not unreasonable.

On the other hand I have never used a changing table for either of mine at any point. Also not unreasonable.

Seems like a strange question, has someone said you are unreasonable?

takealettermsjones · 18/09/2022 16:14

Not unreasonable at all, if it works for you! You might be restricting yourself in terms of flexibility (I've done many a change on the floor, in the car boot, etc) but if you're happy with that then who cares.

BryceQuinlanTheFirst · 18/09/2022 16:15

Well it's up to you! I never did I changed him all over the house and once bigger standing up a lot. My son still wears nappies at 3.5 but he has additional needs so it's usually trying to grab him as he runs past!

AFS1 · 18/09/2022 16:15

Never had a change table at home. Would probably have still used one in a public toilet if we were out.

Olamiamore · 18/09/2022 16:17

I do but only because my back hurts when I lean over the bed or have to do it on the floor. Couldn't care less what anyone does or what anyone thinks of me doing it my way! I do use back car seat if needed when we're out but it's rare.

But I may have to stop soon as he's getting too big for it.

Grapefaced · 18/09/2022 16:17

I never had a changing table.

But I am impressed that you can get your toddler to stay on one long enough to change one. I had too many nappy changes involving chasing a toddler with poo on their bum.

Caspianberg · 18/09/2022 16:20

I did. Changing mat ontop of chest of drawers, every change at home was done there until he potty trained just over 2 years.

found it far easier as everything where needed, and Ds would run off if I attempted to change on the floor ie at someone else’s house. Up high he was trapped

modgepodge · 18/09/2022 16:21

I always did. My daughter is now 3.5 and still in nighttime nappies, I only stopped using it a month or two ago! I found it hurt my back doing it in the floor, and I didn’t find it easy to clean poo off when they were standing up. I’d still get her to lie down if she pooed in her night time nappy hit thankfully that’s rare.

just be aware out and about lots of the wall mounted ones will have a weight limit and most toddlers will be over that, which might cause it to break.

TestingTestingWonTooFree · 18/09/2022 16:21

Whatever you find easiest is fine.

NuffSaidSam · 18/09/2022 16:23

Do whatever works for you.

Personally, I find changing mat on the floor much easier, but it's just personal preference isn't it?

johsq20 · 18/09/2022 16:31

Has someone said you're unreasonable? Only thing I can think of is that they wriggle & more dangerous if they decide to fling themselves off. Way easier to put the mat on the floor.

Elz1998 · 18/09/2022 16:33

MIL asked me yesterday why I still use the changing table with DD and I was a bit confused.

OP posts:
yikesanotherbooboo · 18/09/2022 16:33

I didn't have one so it didn't arise for me. Nothing unreasonable about using one though if you have everything to hand and can keep your toddler from launching themselves off .

IHateWasps · 18/09/2022 16:36

There have been at least three relatively recent threads about this exact subject. It's very odd.

idril · 18/09/2022 16:46

I always did although it was a mat on the floor rather than a table. It was in the bathroom so the most convenient place and gave them privacy.

Never had a problem with nappy changes either and part of me thinks this was due to the routine of always doing it in the same place.

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