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To make him sort out the kitchen

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KitchenClutter · 18/09/2022 16:08

We're getting a new kitchen fitted, starting next Wednesday. DP and I both arranged to take last Wednesday and Thursday off work (at his suggestion), to give us more time to sort out moving things around. He basically did very little to help on the Wednesday. Probably spent around half an hour putting a few bits in the loft, then went to the gym and that was him done for the day. Thursday he did nothing as he was off work Friday and yesterday, so said he had plenty of time to do a bit each day. Fine, so long as it gets done and not all left to me at the last minute, I don't care. No surprise, he only moved a couple of things yesterday, probably took him all of 10 minutes.

For context, our kitchen cupboards are all full to the brim with the types of things most people would keep in their understairs cupboards as we don't have any storage cupboards or a utility room. There's also a lot of them to empty! We've no dining room or other downstairs storage space, so most things are having to be carried upstairs to store in the spare room, as the living room is currently filled with various bits of the new kitchen.

He now saying he wants us to both work on emptying the rest of the kitchen tomorrow as it will 'only take half the time between us'. AIBU to tell him to crack on and do the rest of it by himself. I reckon I've easily done my 50% of the work and I'm feeling a bit run down and have really bad period cramps. Planning on doing another hour on it then putting my feet up with a glass of wine!

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