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To not keep TV box?

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santorinii · 18/09/2022 13:23

DP bought a 55” TV last week and the box has just been in our kitchen which isn’t ideal. It is huge and we have nowhere to store it due to the awkward size. He thinks we should keep the box 1. In case anything goes wrong and it needs to be returned and 2. As we may move in 1-2 years. I just want to dispose of it as we have nowhere to store it, aibu?

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Chikapu · 18/09/2022 13:34

Is he suggesting it just stays in the kitchen for the next 2 years? My husband is a big fan of keeping the box and it drives me mad.

skyeisthelimit · 18/09/2022 13:38

If he wants to keep it he needs to fold it up and put it in the loft (assuming that you have one, most houses do).

skyeisthelimit · 18/09/2022 13:39

hit post too quickly. If you are in a flat with no roof space and no storage, then he needs to get rid of it.

User1754983 · 18/09/2022 13:45

Ours went in the shed for about a month so we could check new TV was ok, it was too big to go through the loft hatch without much folding. After that I guessed if anything went wrong they would send a tv repair person round for the guarantee

MrsMoastyToasty · 18/09/2022 13:50

If you move house the removal company will have blankets or special boxes for TV's.

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