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Can someone explain how the queue works ?

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anotherPOV · 18/09/2022 11:06

I'm not planning to go at all. I would never.

But how does it work if someone leaves the queue to go to the toilet? I understand they're allowed to leave for a short time. I wonder if anyone leaves and then hops back in near the front ? Surely they must have some provisions to stop people from doing so ?

What are they ?

And do people really have to stand to queue the entire night ? Wow !

OP posts:
Antarcticant · 18/09/2022 11:08

People have wristbands showing their place in the queue.

I believe it's recommended as well to pal up with your queue 'neighbours' to make leaving and re-entering easier.

IamSmarticus · 18/09/2022 11:09

They've all got numbered wristbands so un theory nobody can queue jump. Plus I would imagine that most people are with someone else, so one goes to the loo/shop whilst the other/s remain in the queue.

Plexie · 18/09/2022 11:22

The wristbands have numbers but the numbers aren't checked, it's not like taking a numbered ticket in a deli queue. The marshals don't look closely at the bands, just the colour.

Most people behave honourably and return to the same place, or have queue buddies and just leave one at a time. But I imagine some people are jumping ahead slightly. You'd have to be brazen though, to insert yourself back in among people who don't recognise you.

For most if the queue you're walking for a bit, then stopping a while. You're not at a complete standstill for long, unless you're there while Westminster Hall is closed for an hour.

Angelinflipflops · 18/09/2022 11:23

Portoloos especially for the queue

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