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Find strangers sharing/oversharing? Does this happen to you too?

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speakout · 18/09/2022 09:33

Does this happen to you? OK I am on holiday so lots of time for thinking and social observation, but realise strangers have a habit of divulging personal information very quickly to me. It has happened this week several times, but happens a lot at home too.
I have chatted to several strangers in the past few days, and keep the chat to the weather/flight times/ good local restaurants etc, but then find people spilling private details of their lives very quickly- marital problems, worries about alcohol consumption, how their teenage son has been stealing jewelery/, how they are worrying about their daughter's divorce/upcoming surgery for fibroids.
I look at these conversations and wonder why this happens- I don't ask or probe, and happy to have a small chit chat about the day to day, but so often dives deep within a very short time, often within 2 or 3 minutes.
Do I look gullible? Do I have a therapists face? I am aware this doesn't happen to everyone- am I giving out weird vibes?
Curious as to whether this happens to others.

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Anna8089 · 23/01/2024 19:05

Not odd at all. She clearly felt she was in a safe space. Obv not.

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