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Huge, 27 year old immersion heater

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rosepoet · 17/09/2022 21:24

I just got my summer electricity bill [25th May 22nd August]. I have the state pension. It was for 1, 232.50p I live in a 2 bedroomed house! I have an all electric house, with EDF, 'Warmwise' - neither warm nor wise, cold night storage 'heating...]' The main culprit is the huge immersion storage heater. If that's the summer bill, imagine the bills for the winter with the increases coming at us...! I have raised the problem with Clarion HA. They said they will not replace the immersion heater. So regretfully I have turned the heater off. [Cold showers, Brrrr!] I guess an electric shower might be part of the solution, and a hot tap in the kitchen- heating water at point of use, instead of the vast tank. I know we are all in the same boat, but this is living at the very sharp end of our national problem with the cost of living crisis!

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dementedpixie · 17/09/2022 21:27

How often did you have the immersion heater on for?

I know my brother puts his on for an hour or so before he needs to shower/wash up. The rest of the time it is off.

Are you using the storage heaters effectively? Do you have an economy 7 tariff?

rosepoet · 17/09/2022 21:28

This is not just letting off steam [Hah!] But searching for advice about what to do. I got my EPC-water heating 'poor.'
Obviously thermal clothing, portable electric blanket...I hung quilts on the walls.
But water heating?
Any advice gratefully received!

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LikeTearsInRain · 17/09/2022 21:30

Electric shower for washing your body.

Kettle and cold tap for washing up and cleaning?

I suppose you’d have to make do with cold water for washing hands. Gets icy in the winter!

rosepoet · 17/09/2022 23:44

I'm on 'warmwise' [the meter is set up for it] a kind of more expensive economy seven!
It's set for off-peak water heating. However the tank is massive several plumbers have commented on how big and old it is!
I think bypassing it is the way to go...

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