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To be fed up with Covid

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HollaHolla · 17/09/2022 19:08

So, I’m feeling sorry for myself. I’ve come down with Covid after avoiding it for 2.5 years. Got sick on Tuesday, and still feel so super grotty , and wanting to sleep a lot of the time.

It’s not only the long weekend, but it’s also my birthday tomorrow. I had to cancel a day out with my friends today. I know I’m a 40-something grown up, and I can reschedule my day out for a couple weeks time, but I feel sorry for myself. I live alone, so I’m just lying in bed, watching shitty tv, because whenever I try to talk, I break into a coughing fit.

I know IABU(!🤣!) but I need cheering up. Tell me things to entertain m, please. 🤗

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Chainunderreaction · 17/09/2022 19:10


Covid sucks, more so when you have to miss on things you're looking forward too as well.

Try and still do something nice for your birthday, have a favourite drink, nice tea, some chocolate (can melt in your mouth if not up for chewing much with a sore throat)

Flowershope you get better soon

Meatbadger · 17/09/2022 19:12

Ah I’m sorry to hear it’s ruined your birthday. DH currently has it and I started feeling rough today although tested negative earlier. We cancelled all our plans for the weekend when he tested positive so we’re just trying to make the best of it for the kids.
I feel for you having to spend your birthday alone. I would cheer myself up by ordering a takeaway and cake and remember it will be a distant memory soon - hopefully you can rearrange seeing your friends and tell them you will need a spectacular evening out to make up for what you’ve been through!!

ilovesooty · 17/09/2022 19:15

I'm really sorry it's ruined your birthday and you're on your own. I hope you feel better soon.

HollaHolla · 17/09/2022 19:24

Thank you all for being so sweet.
Even though I’m past the point where I genuinely thought death might be upon me,
I really don’t feel much like eating at all, so thinking I’ll save the Chinese and cake until I want to eat. But my best mate has promised to come and leave a raspberry cruffin (who knew this joy even existed?!) outside my window.

its so kind of you to leave such nice messages. 💕

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ilovesooty · 17/09/2022 19:31

A raspberry cruffin sounds nice. I live on my own and when I had covid my friend poked a tube of Lockets through the cat flap.

Treacletreacle · 17/09/2022 19:31

Happy birthday for tomorrow although make sure you get a second birthday in afew weeks time!!!

HollaHolla · 18/09/2022 15:09

Well. I’m in hospital. I was struggling for breath about 4am, and called NHS24. Turned out my oxygen sats were only 84%, so I was put on oxygen and steroids.
Feeling a bit better now, but would dread to think how I’d have been without my 4 jabs!
Happy birthday to me, eh. (Oh, and I can’t stop thinking about the cruffin I’ve missed out on!)
Thanks so much to those who left kind messages.

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WagathaChristieMystery · 18/09/2022 15:29

Oh no! Sorry to hear it OP :( glad you’re feeling a bit better, and hope you get back on the mend very soon!

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