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United Education - the most unreliable, unresponsive holiday club provider?

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ChildcareWasCrap · 17/09/2022 13:31

NC'd for this to not link to my previous postings.

Summer holidays, we planned childcare carefully to ensure DC was looked after and stimulated whilst DH and I worked. We both needed to work for the vast majority of the summer, commitments, meetings, responsibilities within our occupations mean we can't have DC around when working, just not feasible.
We had planned to use a mix of holiday clubs, both very physical and active to learning based, to give a good mix. None of these were cheap but we have no other way of handling the summer period.
We used two new-to-us providers, one being United Education. On their website they extol their values, both for children and parents, and boast their partners.
They claimed that if the setting had swimming facilities, then the children would be swimming, a reason for us choosing the location. They also claim to be Ofsted registered, an important consideration for us.

On checking in on day one, we were dismayed to learn that swimming wouldn't be happening, due to 'staff shortages'. My DC is pretty resilient but disappointed by this.
On day two I was told at collection time that the club may not be at that location the next day. This was just after 5pm. When I asked why and what would be happening the next day, I was assured that there would be club provision made and receive an email with details. It was implied there was an issue with the facility, but no actual reason disclosed.
So I was alarmed to receive an email at just before 6pm that the club was cancelled with immediate effect citing 'due to discussions surrounding the limitations of our Ofsted registration and the staffing numbers required to provide a programme that meets the standard of safety and quality we strive for at United Education'.
I then checked the Ofsted website - it doesn't show any listing for this location 😳
We struggled the next day with childcare which had an impact on our jobs, DH took take time out with some cost to commitments.
I have had to correct the money due back to me, still not received.
I asked about compensation and was offered two days at another camp - I have no faith in United Education to care for my DC after this fiasco. When I asked again as their terms for parents cancelling are clearly detailed, they have ignored the request.
If you have got this far, thank you! Please tell me your horror stories of summer clubs and who else to avoid!

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