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Hate new job? Should I look for another before TTC? Please help? I’m so confused .

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pinkballonsandbabies · 17/09/2022 11:05

I was in my last job 5 years. Went on maternity . We moved so I couldn’t return.

I’m desperate for another baby .

Just started a new job with decentish pay . It is
4 long days which fit around baby . Thing is ,
A month in, I hate it .
The role isn’t what I thought , owner makes me Uncomfortable, not mad on staff ( very clicky) Also, the job has turned out to be alot more physical than I thought.

Thing is , I’m desperate for another baby . I thought I would work in my new role 6 months minimum . Then TTC conceive . Then at minimum I would have worked for by new employer for 9 months before telling them I was pregnant .

However I hate the role and the thought of working there until baby is born is worrying me- especially as role is very physical . I think I’d struggle to do the role pregnant which would put a lot more stress on colleges.
Im picking up a vibe it wouldn’t go well if I told them I was pregnant so soon after starting .

So what do I do ?

Look for another role ? More suited to working in during pregnancy? Maybe in a bigger organization? Less physical ? Then TTC.

Or do I just stick out this job as and tell myself I’m just doing this as a means to an end ? Then have a thick skin whilst pregnant ?!

I’m mid 30s. I don’t need enhanced maternity . But I do need to work until I’m 8 months pregnant and I need SMP.

Please help ??
If we hadn’t of moved I’d have gone back to my job and started TTC asap knowing I’d get full maternity .

I realize it could take along time to conceive second time.

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Paulac77 · 17/09/2022 11:12

In my opinion, If you are really that unhappy with your job, then you find a new role, settle in, then TTC.
Just to point out, most do not like their jobs and if the pay etc is good then it’s worth sticking it out. If the cons outweigh the pros or you really can’t stand it, then find something else.
I’ve always had a 12 month rule for myself .. I stick it out 12mths and then would move if still unhappy. Basically because it takes 6 months to really know your role and it be automated for you, and secondly, no employer wants to see a potential employee has swapped jobs like their pants.

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