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Should I go to A&E?

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MikeyFuckinWay · 16/09/2022 17:56

On a Friday night before a bank holiday weekend…
Sorry shamelessly posting for traffic.

  • I had a coil fitted end of July
  • had a scan today to make sure it was in correct place as breastfeeding makes your womb more supple apparently and dr that fitted it wanted to check this
  • Lady doing the scan said one of the coil arms has bent
  • also there is a pool of something, she thinks potentially blood sat in my womb - she said ‘you need to go see dr’ on reflection I really should have made her elaborate whether she just meant in general or wait for my results
  • I started bleeding yesterday, this would be irregular bleeding as my period only stopped 2 weeks ago
  • I am having a weird cramping on the inside of my hips which is new. The pain is quite intense

I am just concerned that if this is a pool of blood is this ok just to be sat in my body?

Any advice much appreciated.
OP posts:
Azandme · 16/09/2022 18:00

Ring your out of hours service.

Period cramping in the hips isn't uncommon, I found that out when I started having it, and asked.

If you're on a period an amount of blood in your uterus isn't unexpected.

The coil can mess with your cycle, so an out of sync isn't unusual either.

I wouldn't go to A&E - it's not an accident or emergency, but I'd ring out of hours to either put your mind at rest or get checked.

nicknamehelp · 16/09/2022 18:04

It's not an accident or an emergency so no. I would wait till gp opens again unless get very unwell (temp over 38 extreme pain) and then would try 111 1st.

bloodywhitecat · 16/09/2022 18:04

If she'd thought you needed to see someone urgently she would've made sure that happened. Have you taken pain relief for the cramping?

GoneWithTheWine1 · 16/09/2022 18:05

No. They won't do anything, if you needed seeing urgently they'd of said.

ChatterMonkey · 16/09/2022 18:06

No you dont need a&e. You need some neurofen and a hot water bottle. Hope you feel better soon.

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