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To ask for COVID recovery tips please?!

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Chronic93 · 16/09/2022 11:37

I have never had COVID before, my DD has once before and was absolute fine - well it’s invaded our home and taken everyone down with it!

My DD has a horrendous temperature yesterday that just would not come down (nearly 40) and today she is not wanting to move (we have all retreated to my bed for the day). Well today I’ve woken up feeling like a tonne of bricks has just been dropped on me - splitting headache, sore throat, heavy chest, stomach pain, muscle aches and weakness and a similar temperature to DD yesterday. We also have a dog who is being good as gold so that’s the only bonus here - he is just laying on the bed with us and won’t move, is waiting until I can get up and let him out etc (he has been fed and let out already today for toileting I will add - I’m not being neglectful!). I have tried taking pain relief but I can’t even get it down I feel that awful.

We have family nearby but it wouldn’t be fair to expose them to it as they are all key workers etc and some have health conditions and are elderly.

Has anyone got any survival tips on how I can care for myself, my unwell DD and the dog over the next few days please?!

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whatwasIgoingtosay · 16/09/2022 11:46

We are a few days into the same thing. Lots of rest, lots of fluids, lots of patience and plenty of painkillers seems to be about it. Watch junk on catch-up TV/Netflix if you are able. It WILL pass. I've been able to get my clothes on today, which is progress. You will begin to feel better in a few days. Just stay optimistic and hunker down until you feel stronger.

Mollyplop999 · 25/11/2022 07:22

Exactly what whatwasIgoingtosay has said. We're just getting over it and you just have to go with it frustrating as it is.

TheRabidDog · 25/11/2022 07:23


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