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Partner snoring

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Saju1 · 15/09/2022 23:10

My partner snores at night and wakes up baby during my shift at night.

Am I being unreasonable with stroking him a little to stop snoring? He says I'm waking him up, but I need baby to sleep and I also need to sleep, but my partner also needs to sleep!

What do I do?

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Am I being unreasonable?

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OhLordyWhatNow · 15/09/2022 23:22

Get him to visit his GP and get checked out for nasal polyps, or sleep apnea, etc.

If his snoring is loud enough to wake others it needs investigation.

anotherpotoftea · 15/09/2022 23:24

Look up types of snoring and see if you can tell which he is.

My DH got some nose strips from Amazon which have really helped

TheRookie · 15/09/2022 23:56

Stroking him!? My husband gets a swift kick and an order to roll over 😂

MarmiteCoriander · 16/09/2022 00:02

Look up sleep apnoea tests on line such as a the Epworth test:

It might be a simple, anatomical issue such as a previously broken nose. If its new- it might be weight gain or multiple other things. Ask him to get it checked ASAP via GP.

My DH snored for years!!! I wore ear plugs and was adamant he had sleep apnoea. He now has a CPAP machine which is absolutely silent!!! bliss and far less chance of sudden stroke or heart attack at night from his sleep apnoea.

NumberTheory · 16/09/2022 00:16

YANBU to wake him up if he’s keeping everyone else awake. He needs to go to the GP and get some advise because it could be sleep apnea or something else serious. But most people who snore loud enough to wake others can significantly improve things by lifestyle changes like losing weight, and stopping smoking and drinking.

earlybaby · 16/09/2022 01:15

God, my DP snores badly but will NOT look into any sort of further investigations as to why. He's always had a stuffy nose so there's clearly something going on. He blames it entirely on being overweight, which to be fair, he is quite significantly. But I think there are other things at play here.

The most ridiculous part? He's a GP!!

CJsGoldfish · 16/09/2022 01:21

I think way more people need CPAPs than actually have them.
Also find, for the most part, snorers aren't concerned with the impact their snoring has on others. Doesn't bother them (though is likely causing impact on their general health) so why worry about it.
Not sure what you can do but I feel your pain.

bloodyunicorns · 16/09/2022 01:32

Stroking him!! I poke my h and hiss at him to turn over. His right to sleep does not trump everyone else's right to sleep.

threegoodthings · 16/09/2022 01:43

Stroking him 😂 DH gets kicked and rolled away from me at least twice a night!

CucumberCool · 16/09/2022 02:53

Bless you with the stroking! I knee/elbow/push mine until he rolls over!!

I have & continue to sleep with noise on in my littles room. Radio/ambient music/audiobook. That way she is able to sleep through unexpected sounds and can sleep in noisy environments.

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