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Would I be unreasonable to disclose abuse?

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Whichwhatnow · 15/09/2022 14:44

Currently trying to work this out - my friend's ex has recently got with a homeless 20 year old. He's early 30s. In their (his and the ex's) relationship there was a LOT of abuse against her, which none of us realised until the relationship ended. He also kicked another friend of mine in the head to the point he ended up in ICU, and has been convicted for attempted murder of a random policeman (for no reason).

The new partner and I have lots of friends in common - should I warn her/them to at least look out for her?? I feel like if I do it's going to cause lots of issues as many of them are now friends with him too and probably believe whatever lies he's come up with, but is that more important than helping a vulnerable 20 year old who may not be brave enough to say what's going on? He's what I would describe as borderline psychopathic - extremely charming and charismatic but lacking in empathy entirely, hence my reluctance as most people I know probably believe the persona (as I did for some time)!

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iwantasandwich · 15/09/2022 14:48

I'd be calling the police over speaking to his friends

They will think you're crazy and do nothing with that information

RedHelenB · 15/09/2022 17:15

If he's been convicted for attempted murder of a policeman I'd find rhe report in the papers and print it off for her. Think that would make anyone think twice

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