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To find going away on holiday stressful and unenjoyable

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MrsNobodyMM · 15/09/2022 12:35

Does anyone else feel this way, I'm wondering if there's something wrong with me!

Even before DC and as a child I've never enjoyed going away on holidays as I don't like being away from home in unfamiliar surroundings for long periods of time. A weekend anywhere in the UK is brilliant, no problem with that. I feel unsettled and anxious when not on familiar territory though- silly things like wanting to know where the nearest doctors are etc and just a general feeling of being less safe as I don't have access to everything I normally have.

Packing is extremely stressful as I try to account for every eventuality and I feel claustrophobic on planes - have felt this was since being a child.

We are going abroad with our DC as I want them to have these experiences and I know there will be parts of the holiday I enjoy, however at the same time I'll be privately counting down the days until I get home.

Does anyone else feel like this?

OP posts:
EfficientDynamics · 15/09/2022 12:39

If going abroad I start to feel anxious leading up to it as I don't like flying. I also hate having to get there early, waiting for luggage, transfers etc

It's such a faff

We've no plans to go abroad until DD is maybe ten, she's currently 3.5

newbiename · 15/09/2022 13:00

No I don't find it stressful. I find everything about holidays exciting and interesting and I travel a lot.
But , we're all different, you don't have to go abroad ever again if you don't want to.
It doesn't harm kids not to go abroad, they can go when they're older if they choose.

Lucidas · 15/09/2022 13:14

I’m similar. It’s flying abroad that I dislike the most - unsettling and gives me the jitters, and then all the faff and effort of actually going there and back.

Nothing beats the feeling of returning to the UK and surveying the mundanity of the roads, buildings and people - the predictability and stability - with complete contentment.

HikingBoots · 15/09/2022 13:21

Not quite. But I find going on a foreign holiday a massive palava.
It was better when we lived a 20 minute shuttle bus ride from an international airport and had a very reliable dog sitter. Now we live in a small town 1 hr 15 from an airport and with no trusted dog sitter, it seems more of a faff. We've not been away abroad since September 2019.
I hate the packing, waking up at 3am to get to the airport, the nerves beforehand, the actual flight, getting from the airport to the accommodation on the other side, and being kicked out of your accommodation at 10am and then having to mope about with your luggage for 12 hours until your flight home!
I always enjoy the time that I'm there though, but I think it's only just worth it.
At the minute we're in a holiday cottage in the UK and it's much more my speed. Although I've still got an album of photos of our home on my phone (what a nutter!), which I've looked at whilst we've been here and admired how gorgeous our home is, and I can't wait to see it again!!

Hbh17 · 15/09/2022 13:28

I have been on multiple holidays abroad and it has never occurred to to think about where a doctor might be - that seems to be a very extreme reaction.
The whole point of a holiday is to go somewhere different & unfamiliar - that's what makes it interesting and exciting.
During the various lockdowns I was climbing the walls being stuck at home, so even a week in a UK cottage (as soon as it was allowed) was just the most marvellous thing.

newbiename · 15/09/2022 23:04

I don't understand people saying it's a faff and effort and palava ?
Everything is so easy now.

bellac11 · 15/09/2022 23:09

I love flights but absolutely cannot bear airports and queuing and standing around and walking around, and turning up early for things, heavy bags etc etc

I love holidays though but do feel stressed out by the amount of stuff my OH wants to take (to UK holidays we self cater) he brings along the kitchen sink, I feel smothered.

Overall I much prefer UK holidays unless we can drive like France or Spain.

Noddy21 · 15/09/2022 23:12

I love holidays but work myself up before I go in case I get food poisoning or some kind of bug, I know it’s irrational but that’s how my brain works

Janesdufflecoat · 15/09/2022 23:18

I do!

Really busy job so have to work ridiculous hours to try & clear stuff before I go & dread what I'm going to come back too!

Hate packing - that really stresses me out but I have found an on-line packing list that helps

Currently too fat so dread what I'm going to wear look like

Worry about the cats!

But once I'm there or at the airport I really enjoy myself & wonder why I got so upset about it!

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