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Grandma or Grandad

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Dothebigshoponawednesday · 14/09/2022 22:12

Sort of related to a thread I’ve just read.

Do your kids prefer your mum or dad-their grandma or grandad?

Mine adores grandad..not so comfortable around Grandma. Grandma is lovely but doesn’t play with Dd etc, even when she asks

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SnackSizeRaisin · 14/09/2022 22:14

Surely a lovely grandma would play with their grandchild? What else does a young child want from their grandparents?

Dothebigshoponawednesday · 14/09/2022 22:16

@SnackSizeRaisin I think my mum sort of tries to, but maybe finds it uncomfortable-she’s a quiet, shy person…I don’t know. She loves when dd gives her cuddles and she loves buying her clothes
Dad is much more natural and fun with her

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Dothebigshoponawednesday · 14/09/2022 22:17

@SnackSizeRaisin Also, it’s a different era, but my grandparents never played with me

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OriginalUsername3 · 14/09/2022 22:30

He's only 18mo but seems to love them all equally. They're all different, have their own strengths and weaknesses but they all love him and he loves them.

vroom321 · 14/09/2022 22:34

My mum never played Ruth us she doesn't play with my kids.

My mum is their slave. My step dad gets them hyper then hands them to my mum. They don't feel comfortable around their dads mum as they don't see her often.

RoutineLow · 14/09/2022 22:39

Despite having 6 grandparents (including step-grandparents), sadly my DC are only really close with and comfortable around my mum. None of the rest really bother with them.
When I was little I had an amazing set of maternal grandparents. I was equally close with my grandma and grandad and felt very safe and loved by both of them. Different relationships though. My grandad was more of a “do-er” and we had lots of adventures and played games with him. Grandma was more about cuddles and chats and reading us stories etc.

imnotwhoyouthinkiam · 14/09/2022 22:42

Grandma by a country mile. But they used to live with her 50/50.

XelaM · 14/09/2022 22:43

My 12-year-old daughter prefers my mum, even though my dad is the most amazing person and I am super close to my dad. My mum is very strict, very disciplined and very well-respected by everyone who knows her, also an amazing cook. I am quite shocked that my quite lazy undisciplined 12-year-old gets on with her. She definitely respects my mum more than she respects me!

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