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To find this quite sad?

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MovieQueen12 · 14/09/2022 12:22

That a woman can be single and live at home but will be judged. Yet if she meets a man she is seen as successful and high achieving because she is in a relationship and living with a man? Yet if she found herself single she would be back in her original position.
I say this because I know a lady who was 38 and in this exact position. She was judged a lot. Then she met someone and suddenly she was successful and accepted.
Aibu to think this is messed up ?

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Surtsey · 14/09/2022 19:47

There are far too many judgypants people in the world these days and I, for one, wish wholeheartedly that it would stop. MN is stuffed to the gunwales with it on almost every thread at the moment, and it is so depressing. I dare say the rest of the interweb is much the same.

latetothefisting · 14/09/2022 20:41

But people do tend judge a) things that are unusual (which living with parents at that age is - by age 33 only 2% of women still live with their parents)
and b) choices that are different to what they would make

I must admit I would personally make a lot of sacrifices to not live at home with my parents in my mid 30s - whether that be spending a very high % of my wage on living costs with minimal left over, doing a job I don't enjoy but means I could afford to move out, living in a flatshare, or moving further afield. HOWEVER, were I in that hypothetical situation I imagine others would also judge that - doesn't she get on with her family, why is she so tight with her money, etc.

In your friends case, I would imagine some people would judge her if she moved in with partner 'too fast', others would judge if the partner she moved in with was the same sex, or if the partner had a young child living with them, etc. etc.

People just judge everything. That's life.

Always4Brenner · 14/09/2022 20:43

Well society is going to love me not soon to be single and older. I don’t give a shit anymore if a miracle happens and I get this home no way am I sharing ever again. Except with cuddlies on bed.

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