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Losing my mind over divorce

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ScabbersChin · 13/09/2022 20:01

Left a DA marriage in 2020
i retained the home and been paying joint mortgage ever since.
2 DC. Court order. I get majority.

STBXH ignoring all court things for finances. Penal notice attached to last order. FH in October.

Mortgage due tj change rate October. He’s refusing to give them permission to change the rate. This is because he wants to sell the house. Me and our DC won’t have a home then.

He’s being so unfair. And controlling. I might lose my home.

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Am I being unreasonable?

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ScabbersChin · 13/09/2022 21:56


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LateAF · 13/09/2022 22:01

I’m sure if you arrange a meeting with your mortgage provider to discuss buying him out, they will understand given the penal notices.

LateAF · 13/09/2022 22:07

Wait, have I misunderstood - I thought the financial hearing had already taken place and you were awarded the majority of the house? Or is it all still up in the air?

ScabbersChin · 13/09/2022 22:14

All still up in the air. Final hearing beginning of October. He hasn’t submitted anything to my knowledge (deadlines from last order with penal well and truly passed).

i can’t buy him out as I don’t earn enough. We are looking at best endeavours. Or me getting 100% equity so I can buy some here more affordable….

then there’s his pension. He hasn’t given CETV. So how can they make an order with no information. Solicitor seems to think they still can. Have meeting with her and barrister next week .

it’s all dragging me down.

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