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cleaners not telling me they are not coming to work

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orsettorusso · 13/09/2022 17:09

I had 4 cleaners in the few years and they have taken lots of time off for health reasons. I accept that but in addition they have taken time off for other reasons and they haven't given me enough notice (15 minutes to a few hours notice). Or I message them to ask when they will be back at work and they don't tell reply for 5-10 days (when I have evidence they could have replied much earlier). On my side, I told them when I was going on holiday a year in advance (because it's when the 3 main school holidays are) and I pay on time (never had an issue with that). I work from home so there is a "friendly" relationship with them. So my question is: why did these cleaners think is OK not to give me notice when they don't come to work? These are absences of between 10 days and 3 months in a row). On the first day of working of the last two cleaners I asked them to tell me as soon as possible. What else can I do to ensure my new cleaner understands that she needs to tell me if she's not coming? (Of course I mean in reasonable time, I am not talking about emergencies etc.). Please help me understand their point of view. Thanks.

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