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To find planning what to eat more annoying than cooking it?

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HoppingKangaroo · 13/09/2022 14:52

I seem to find planning/ choosing what to make for my family everyday more difficult than actually buying the ingredients and then cooking it. I also end up making and having the same meals.
Anyone else like that?

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BarrelOfOtters · 13/09/2022 14:58

Yep, when I winge and DH proudly points out that he cooked 4 out 0f 7 days in the week he doesn't get it when I say - but I decided what to buy, had the right stuff in, suggested the leftovers, had the stuff in the freezer - and even if he went shopping he asks 'what do we need?'. The cooking is the easy bit.

MotherWol · 13/09/2022 15:00

YANBU; DD1 is going through a fussy eating phase so we sat down and came up with a list of things she does like, then I batch cook and freeze them so on weekdays, kids dinner is just a reheat thing. DH and I eat later so that tends to be a bit more varied and we can eat things that the kids don’t like, but even then we tend to rotate through the same dozen basic meals. The less mental energy it takes, the better!

TheCityIgnites · 13/09/2022 15:04

Yes definitely I am bored of the same stuff! I just wish someone would turn up every night with a cooked meal for me!

OneTC · 13/09/2022 15:07

I'm hating both at present as I'm cooking for someone who variously often doesn't/won't/can't eat

herewegoagainst · 13/09/2022 15:10

YANBU its the main reason we switched to hello fresh for our dinners 5 nights a week!
Food shopping is much more enjoyable just for breakfast and lunch bits and snacks and the last 2 days of the week we're normally out, fancy a takeaway, or need something to just chuck in the oven if were busy.

Veganwolf · 13/09/2022 15:12

SAME. Got so irriated by it I get a meal delivery box thing for 4 meals a week, think it's about £30 for the two of us but for me it's worth it to get meals I wouldn't normally cook, some variety and to reduce the mental load of planning meals every night.

Battlecat98 · 13/09/2022 15:15

Totally agree, it's sounds ridiculous but I am so sick of the constant bloody shopping, and choosing what everyone wants to eat. Even if both me and DH are off work it defaults to me 😩. If I ask him what's for dinner he always just says chicken nuggets, the kids would love that. If I lived alone it would be so much easier.

I know people rave over hello fresh but it just didn't work for the DC.
I try to meal plan but just give up.

BlueThingie · 13/09/2022 15:15

Yes, especially as a combination of dietary reqs and fussiness means that planning is quite tricky. I really feel as if my ability to choose a meal to cook has been wiped out, it takes me 20 minutes to come up with an idea and then I remember we had the same thing yesterday.

dryshampooer · 13/09/2022 15:16

I'm the same as @Veganwolf. Much happier now I get my Gousto box on a Monday, then don't have to think about what's for dinner until the weekend.

OneTC · 13/09/2022 15:17

Roughly how many things do you do on rotation?

girlfriend44 · 13/09/2022 15:22

What's wrong with having the same meals.

We meal plan and its alot easier .

GertrudePerkinsPaperyThing · 13/09/2022 15:22

Yes I would say you’re very normal in feeling that way. It’s the mental load.

OpposableThumbs2 · 13/09/2022 16:04

I hate the planning. Two differently fussy kids and a gluten intolerance make it near on impossible.

SillySausage21356 · 13/09/2022 16:27

Oh god yes it really is

I recently reverted to meal planning again and OMG the hassle. It is saving us pennies though so cannot see me stopping

Panicmode1 · 13/09/2022 16:30

YES!! I always say that if I won the lottery the first thing I would do is hire a full time chef and housekeeper so I never had to meal plan, shop or cook again 😀

I have four children who all eat different things and I have one VERY fussy 12 yr old who is a nightmare and I'm so very fed up with rotating through a similar plan because every time I try something new, I get a barrage of comments.....roll on them all leaving home 😉

minipie · 13/09/2022 16:31


I want an app or something that will give me a week’s worth of family meals planned out and ideally a shopping list to go with. I don’t need the box with the ingredients, happy to buy them myself. Just need the ideas!

Does this exist?

Divebar2021 · 13/09/2022 16:39

I was having a discussion with my DH about who does what in the house and he made a scornful comment how I clearly don’t have to make much effort food shopping because I get it delivered. Really enraged me. He is incapable of planning more than 24 hours in advance and if he’s been at home all day I’ll still get a text at 6pm saying “ What’s for dinner?” I’m planning on creating a 2 week menu plan and repeating that for a couple of months and then swapping for another one. The ones I’ve seen already are not appealing and tend to have cooked lunches which is not realistic for us.

LateMumma · 13/09/2022 17:17

Loving the idea of the app to plan meals and shopping lists.
I feel like I'm the encyclopaedia of food sometimes, remembering what everyone likes, when we last had it, what we have in, shopping for food etc

CloudPop · 13/09/2022 17:18

Completely agree with you OP.

HoppingKangaroo · 13/09/2022 18:29

Glad I am not the only one. DH thinks I am being silly but he never chooses or goes shopping for the food. I agree it is the mental load and it does not help DC is a fussy eater

OP posts:
theemmadilemma · 13/09/2022 18:36

That's why over a year ago I signed up to Hello Fresh.

Click, choose, done.

Notjusta · 13/09/2022 18:41

DH and I have just had a row about this (well kind of). He went to the shop this afternoon (on his day off - done nothing much all day) and bought literally only the ingredients to make the one meal he wanted to cook this evening. Despite knowing that we also need a whole load of other things, and having heard DS say he was really hungry and did we have any snacks. He's also used up almost all of the butter we had in his cooking but didn't buy any more. GRRRRRRRR.

Sorry for the derail - but YANBU! I was actually about to go and look at Hello Fresh/Gusto offers when I saw your thread!

Magicmagician · 13/09/2022 18:47

Unanimous YANBU so far 😄😁 yep it’s the worst - we don’t even have any harder eating restrictions than me being veggie and it’s still a pain, can’t imagine how much worse the mental load must be when allergies etc are added in!

mumoffloofs · 13/09/2022 19:54

Urgh, yeah. I used to hate meal planning and having those discussions with my ex. I was much happier just deciding on the day to have a fishfinger butty or something after I left. Was dreading having to instill some routine for me now my DS has started school and isn't getting tea at nursery, but have decided to go with nipping to the shops for basic top ups of milk and fruit etc and choosing a couple of meals for the next couple of days then. Hoping it pans out as meal planning is sooooooo dull and hard!

mrsm43s · 13/09/2022 20:02

Use this website! You select recipes, and it adds the ingredients to a Sainsbury's shopping cart. You can customise it to get the ingredients you like. You can also set up your own meals and a shopping list for them so they can be added to your basket at the touch of a button. I've been using it for about a month, and it's a real time saver. Completely free too, I assume they get a kickback from Sainsbury's.

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