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Amazon drivers dumping other people's packages outside my house?

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sunnydaytoday0 · 13/09/2022 13:33

Is this now a thing that Amazon delivery drivers now do? In the last week on two different occasions, parcels/packages very clearly addressed to one of my neighbours (two different people on my street) have just been left unattended outside my front door. They didn't hand it over to me, and my house is clearly numbered as is my neighbours. The packages have just been left in the open for anyone to take from my front door against which the packages were leant and left. On the second occasion I heard a knock at the door, went to my window to see who was there and I saw an Amazon Prime van driving off. When I took the package around to my neighbour they said they hadn't been told it had actually been left at mine.

I understand these drivers often have very large number of parcels to deliver and very little time to deliver, but is it justified just leaving them outside someone's front door, and if so, why leave it outside someone else's front door and not the recipient's?

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emmathedilemma · 13/09/2022 13:38

I think they just can't be bothered. I've had parcels left outside the wrong door and had to go down the street trying to find it from the photo they left as a clue of where they'd abandoned it.

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