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Stupid broken toes

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SlouchingTowardsBethlehemAgain · 13/09/2022 09:17

I tripped up 10 days ago and all the toes on one foot got bent back. I looked on the NHS website for broken toes and it said no treatment is needed, just strap them up, so I have, but they seem to be getting more painful. I am not sure which toes (if any) are broken, maybe they are just sprained, but I am not sure which toe to strap to which or maybe just to strap them all together. I don't know if my age makes any difference, except it will take them longer to heal at 70.
I am so fucked off, walking is my main pleasure, entertainment and exercise. Any tips on how to manage this would be most welcome. I am on a call for the next hour or so, but will be back - desperately hoping for some advice.

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