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To be utterly depressed at disabled daughter’s behaviour?!

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Chronic93 · 13/09/2022 07:50

I have a 5 year old DD who I have raised by myself since she was 1. She has autism, I would say moderately going on to the very bottom of severe on the ‘scale’. The main issues is her impulsivity especially throwing things completely out of the blue (we have had 2 smashed TV’s in the last few months for example and injuries because of this) and her hitting herself and other people (constantly hitting her head etc). She has an orthotic helmet and also takes 0.25 of risperidone which used to work very well but has now stopped because she’s doing these behaviours again now and even more than before.

It’s getting to the stage where I feel depressed - like not just saying it but actually going into a depression where I just want to stay in bed and not do anything whilst she’s at school all day. I absolutely dread having to get her up in the mornings because it’s just a constant battle getting her dressed in time (she goes to bed early and we get up with plenty of time to get ready too) and then when she comes home it’s then a battle until she falls asleep (she sleeps well because of melatonin).

I’m just at a complete loss at what to do. I have family nearby who do help out and she doesn’t seem to be as bad when she’s with them which makes me feel even worse because I don’t know why she is acting out the worst when she’s with me - is it something I’m doing wrong etc.

Any advice would be very much welcomed please?

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FetchezLaVache · 13/09/2022 07:53

Sending solidarity as a fellow autism single mother!

Just wanted to say, she's worst around you because she feels the safest and most unconditionally loved with you. With everyone else she's masking, with you she can let off the steam this causes to build up. You're absolutely doing nothing wrong.

Can you go to your GP about your low mood? I find SSRIs very helpful Wink

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