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Woman with hairy faces? Is it normal?

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Toothpastey · 13/09/2022 00:32

So I know that facial hair in women is normal, but how do you know when it’s too much?

I’ve had period troubles and have been asked before about if I get excess hair but I don’t know what amount is normal and what is excess!

I have patches of hair on my chin and side burns, not normal fuzzy hair it’s proper hairs, aswell as my sideburns, on patches down my neck, and on my chests/breasts area and all around my belly button.

once I remove the hair it grows back so quickly- its stubbley after 12 hours and regrowing by the next day. I’ve tried all sorts of hair removal methods and nothing lasts

ive attached a photo of the patches of hair on my chin (as obviously I don’t want to attach photos of anywhere else!) but that’s what it’s like on all the other areas too. I had the hair removed yesterday morning but it’s already grown in.

when is it normal and when is it not?!

Woman with hairy faces? Is it normal?
Woman with hairy faces? Is it normal?
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Pixiedust1234 · 13/09/2022 00:39

Do you have pcos? That can cause what you are describing.

Go speak to your gp as I think you need blood tests

Peashoots · 13/09/2022 00:46

The hair you have shown is definitely excessive. I have excessive hair growth due to PCOS and mine isn’t as bad as yours. Definitely see your GP for blood tests and scans.

ErrolTheDragon · 13/09/2022 00:49

In combination with period problems, it does seem quite likely it's PCOS (or something hormonal). Definitely worth getting checked up on.

catzrulz · 13/09/2022 00:50

I've just finished Chemo, Radiotherapy and the dreaded Brachytherapy for CC, stage 3C2.
Anyway today's joy was catching sight of myself in a mirror in full sunshine.
I've become a bearded lady, it's soft grey down, not stubble or anything.
I've got the consultant in October so he'll be getting asked about it.
My DS is 26 and has a beard, he says at least I'll be warm in winter 🧔‍♀️. At this rate I'll have a better beard than him.

MarmiteCoriander · 13/09/2022 00:54

OP- what you describe and the photos show excessive hair for a female. Have you been tested for PCOS and other hormonal imbalances? IPL or laser in a salon can help, but medical help would be the 1st port of call for a full hormonal screening.

FrankTheThunderbird · 13/09/2022 00:55

That looks similar to mine. I have pcos.

RhannionKPSS · 13/09/2022 00:59

Get your blood tested for PCOS, once you know if that’s the cause, then I recommend electrolysis as it’s the only permanent hair removal. Laser only thins out the hair, and it’s not permanent for everyone.
You will need to stop shaving before electrolysis ( it is painful but an anti histamine & paracetamol helps with any reaction you may have) as the hair needs to be a reasonable length for it to be removed.
Good luck. It will get better once you know what you can do about it.

MrsJagoRoss · 13/09/2022 01:01

That sounds like me. I think I have PCOS but my GP say they only refer women trying to conceive. Hopefully yours will be better!

Witchlight · 13/09/2022 01:13

I have/had PCOS and had similar problems.

get a Philips Lumea - it’s a game changer. It really sorts out the dark hair, leaving the softer light hair. The dark hair is a symptom, but a very annoying one!

CharlotteRose90 · 13/09/2022 01:35

Yep looks like pcos Aswell. It can also cause the breakouts you look to be having Aswell. Go to your GP for the blood tests.

scarletisjustred · 13/09/2022 01:39

That does seem excessive. I say that somebody who took after my dad's furry family who must just have been this side of the chimpanzee divide. I didn't have facial hair but I did get a few hairs during menopause. I had electrolysis on those and that worked so wasn't always hovering with tweezers. I bought a home IPL device, a Silkn, and tackled my legs, arms and underams. The amount of time I've saved is incredible. My eldest son has now made off with the IPL device to do his back!

TheTeenageYears · 13/09/2022 01:47

Don't treat the symptom, treat the cause. It's not normal no but has been normalised over time by not looking at the underlying cause. When you say you have period issues what are those issues specifically? PCOS affects 10% of the female population. You can have the syndrome without having polycystic ovaries. Are you currently using a hormonal contraceptive? If you are then it needs to be completely out of your system before testing for PCOS.

Toothpastey · 13/09/2022 02:00

To the poster who mentioned breakouts- you’re absolutely right and I’m currently having the worst breakout of my life! I didnt have spots as a teenager but since my 20s my face has been like a pepperoni pizza. I’ll attach a photo of it from last week when it was particularly awful. I suspected PCOS because it matched some of the other symptoms I was having (whole other thread) but we did blood tests and it was ruled out and the GP told me I didn’t have it. Unfortunately it left me no closer to working out what is going on! That’s why I was unsure if the facial hair was normal or not

Woman with hairy faces? Is it normal?
OP posts:
TestingTestingWonTooFree · 13/09/2022 03:06

I would say that was excessive facial hair. How did the GP rule out PCOS? Are you TTC? If not, some contraceptive pills are better for controlling acne I think.

TestingTestingWonTooFree · 13/09/2022 03:07

TestingTestingWonTooFree · 13/09/2022 03:06

I would say that was excessive facial hair. How did the GP rule out PCOS? Are you TTC? If not, some contraceptive pills are better for controlling acne I think.

Sorry, you’ve said about the blood tests.

fallfallfall · 13/09/2022 03:15

request a dermatologist referral. the excessive facial hair as well as the skin outbreak at 20+ years needs helping.
i'm sure this can easily be solved.
once the skin is cleared up, if the dermatologist agrees electrolysis would certainly be helpful or maybe even laser.

BritInAus · 13/09/2022 04:10

Hello. From what I understand, PCOS can't be diagnosed/excluded simply from a blood test. My GP explained you have to have at least 2 out of the following 3 factors to have a diagnosis:

  • excess male hormone (diagnosed by blood test)
  • excess cysts on your ovaries (ultrasound)
  • irregular periods (trackable by yourself)

So it's not a case of a blood test 'testing for PCOS' on its own. For example I have normal hormone levels, but have PCOS as I fit the second two criteria.

I would definitely talk to your GP about PCOS, however it's not something you can be medicated for to 'cure' it - it's something that can be managed, and symptoms can be managed too.
Toothpastey · 13/09/2022 11:52

That’s interesting, I had just always assumed I had a ‘normal’ amount of facial hair for a woman.

i just realised I also I forgot to add to my list of areas, I also get a horrible moustache, (how could I forget that😥)

OP posts:
nachoavocado · 13/09/2022 11:56

That would be considered "excessive" by the GP

HairyMothballs · 13/09/2022 11:59

Looking at the photos, I'd say you've got a hormone imbalance. You should see the doctor, as it isn't usual to have growing back so quickly after shaving. You might mention to your doctor about your skin, too. Good luck.

VatofTea · 13/09/2022 12:01

I read somewhere that PCOS is linked with insulin spikes. Do you eat a lot of sugar or white bread? BTW I have a similar hair pattern and I previously used at home IPL, which worked very well. Must charge up my lazer gun and zap again over the winter months.

GlitterB0mb · 13/09/2022 12:08

You need to rule out thyroid/hormone issues. Unfortunately, I have that level of hair and there is no other reason than I'm just super hairy. 🤦🏻‍♀️


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Isis1981uk · 13/09/2022 12:10

I have the same, and it's due to PCOS - might be worth getting a diagnosis, especially if you plan to have children in the future.

SafferUpNorth · 13/09/2022 12:23

No, not normal and along with your period symptoms definitely sounds like PCOS or similar hormonal issue. I note you say youve have bloods done and PCOS ruled out - I would get a second opinion if I were you.

SafferUpNorth · 13/09/2022 12:26

PS: you might want to look at your diet. PCOS is linked to insulin resistance. Eating a low carb, high fat (LCHF) diet has been shown to help. Google it.

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