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Why does Ofgem not have a price cap calculator

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yubgummy · 12/09/2022 09:14

It's absolute nonsense the way they publish a single average household figure and call that the "cap", confusing everyone. We aren't stupid, we are capable of understanding unit prices FFS, even if there are "small regional variations". How do they think millions of people manage to navigate the petrol pump every single day?!

I remember earlier this year trying to find the unit price caps on Ofgem's website and completely failing. I was drowning in PDFs with tables on different types of families with 100 variations of elec/gas splits, regions, usages etc, and in not a single document did it give a simple bloody unit rate (even in a table with regional rows).

Why is it up to Martin Lewis & similar comparison sites to come up with third-party estimation calculators? Honestly this is unacceptable obfuscation. Surely there must be some kind of campaign to get Ofgem to report this in a sane way?? My ideal would be an OFFICIAL calculator on Ofgem's website.

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