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What did I ever do before…

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Peaceandquietatlast · 11/09/2022 16:41

Kids? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Sat here as Dh has taken Dd out for a couple of hours (doesn’t happen often!)
I’m sat on the sofa watching films and remembering what Sunday’s and weekends used to be like…but I’m wondering how the hell did we fill all that time…all that glorious time 🤣it must have been so chilled

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twoandcooplease · 11/09/2022 16:45

Enjoy! What do you have planned?

Ds is 11mo and DP has only taken him away a couple of times. Both times I've cleaned the house which is no fun so don't do that!

I suggest you put your feet up with a HOT cup of tea

justdontkno1 · 11/09/2022 16:52

I have 3 dcs and wondering what I did with only one!! Only joking , I hear you!
I’m actually back to having more time now as late 20’s and early 30’s I had 3 small dcs and years of exhaustion and sleep deprivation but now youngest is 6, older ones are 8 and 11 and it’s back to having some time to watch movies and chill during the day. I regularly curl up on the sofa and read now but couldn’t do that when all three were small, nope. All of my friends are having their first or at the toddler and baby together stage and I forgot how exhausting that stage is omg , one of my friends visited recently with their 15 month old and basically could barely sit for 5 seconds…..
I did years of that and sooooo glad it’s over as doing it x3 meant there was years of nappies , constantly following toddlers around. However now they are older , all play together and my dh and I are back having some time!!

Peaceandquietatlast · 11/09/2022 16:57

@twoandcooplease Well, first o hoovered and mopped, was almost done as they were leaving, then put my pjs on, made two hot bagels with melted Philadelphia on and now watching Bad moms 🤣it’s SO weird, but so lovely and so needed

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Peaceandquietatlast · 11/09/2022 16:58

@justdontkno1 God, 3, I can imagine 🙈my one and only is super hyper and demanding but not quite the same as 3, glad you’re enjoying some time out now, well deserved!

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justdontkno1 · 11/09/2022 17:13

It definitely gets easier op unless you go and have more but then they entertain each other later. I did find 18 months to 4 years v v hard work tbh… so if you are at that stage it is hard going at times although they are v cute!

Peaceandquietatlast · 11/09/2022 17:52

@justdontkno1 4 years old!

Well, it was good while it lasted-2 hours 🙄

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