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To put the heating on?

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prettylittlethingss · 11/09/2022 06:22

It's currently 12 degrees. I'm up with the baby and he's in a vest and babygrow and he's freezing. Meant to be 18 degrees by 9am but right now he's shivering.
I know DP will go mad at me for putting on the heating on a day meant to be 18 degrees, but AIBU to put it on for an hour- and say it's okay for him fast asleep under the duvet, and if he thinks I'm out of order he should get up and keep the baby warm ?

OP posts:
PortalooSunset · 11/09/2022 07:11

Get the baby dressed and/or wrap them in a blanket?!
Seriously you're going to need to warm them up before the heating kicks in anyway even if you do turn it on immediately. Then you might find you won't need it on/can have it at a lower temperature.

Hercisback · 11/09/2022 07:13

Put another layer on the baby, either fleece baby gro or jumper.

Get yourself a dressing gown to wear.

Putting it on now will make you used to warmer temperatures. I'm trying to hold off until 1st November for ours.

Eileen101 · 11/09/2022 07:14

Get them washed and dressed and add a jumper ๐Ÿ™‚ my youngest feels the cold so Easter ish time, I was putting her in a long sleeved vest, pjs and socks and she was quite happy with that.

gogohmm · 11/09/2022 07:16

Wrap in a blanket or put on thicker clothes.

I do wonder if people realise that there were children before central heating! I grew up without it, just a bar heater in the bathroom upstairs

ApolloandDaphne · 11/09/2022 07:21

If it is 12 degrees outside it will be warmer inside. It is 10 degrees outside where I am but the inside temp is 17.5 degrees which isn't particularly cold. Just put more layers on.

blepp · 11/09/2022 07:28

Put a jumper or cardigan on the baby and do the same yourself.

WonderingWanda · 11/09/2022 07:28

Heating the whole house for the baby in the middle of the night might be slight overkill. We lived in a draughty old victorian house when mine were babies and had a a couple of little oil filled radiators in their rooms that kept the temp a bit higher over night. In the middle of winter when I had to be half dressed to feed them that seemed to work.

WonderingWanda · 11/09/2022 07:29

Of course I have just spotted that you posted at 6 in the morning so in that case I would say a quick blast of heating would be fine if you are really cold.

PicaNewName · 11/09/2022 07:31

12? I have the heating set to switch on at 18 in the night.

queenrollo · 11/09/2022 07:35

For those of you insisting it must be warmer inside - some Victorian houses just don't work like that. The downstairs of my house is usually several degrees cooler than the outdoor temp.
This time of year when the weather is unpredictable makes the first few hours of the day a real quandary with regard to heating. I've got several layers and fingerless gloves on this morning. I know it will have warmed up by about 11am.
I only have solid fuel heating so I persevere because it's really not worth lighting a fire for the first few hours of the day.

You need to look at draught-proofing as this is one of main reasons for feeling cold in an old property. I have heavy door curtains at all external doors. Thermal curtains at windows and I will soon be using the cling film type secondary glazing on the handful of single glazed units we still have.

It's quite normal for fingers and noses to feel the chill a bit in our house, but we make sure we're layered up enough to keep central core warm and invest in really good socks and slippers!

LionessesRules · 11/09/2022 07:38

If it's really 12 inside the house, yes you need to look at a way to heat the house - be that the central heating or just heating one room.
However, if he's really just in a vest and baby grow, I'd guess it's 12 outside, and much warmer inside, and would guess some more layers would be enough.
It dropped to 13 outside last night round here. The house is still above 20, no heating.

Sparklfairy · 11/09/2022 07:40

Its 13 degree here (SE) and I'm sat outside with a coffee only wearing a fleece with nothing inside and thin pyjama bottoms. It's not cold!

I'd be putting an extra layer on as it's only going to get warmer as the day goes on and you only want the heating on for an hour anyway.

TooMuchToDoTooLittleInclination · 11/09/2022 07:45

The OP must have been warm enough to go back to sleep ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

Beautiful3 · 11/09/2022 07:53

No I wouldn't. Get a baby onsie and sleeping bag. You'll need them for.winter anyway.

Raindancer411 · 11/09/2022 07:59

When both of mine were small the heating was set to 18C at a min all day every day, just so I could make sure their temperature was regulated for them. I would do it...

sevenbyseven · 11/09/2022 08:09

I'm guessing you mean it's 12 outdoors not indoors? Where in the country are you? Put some more clothes on your baby if he's cold - why's he so lightly dressed if he's shivering?! In bed he could have a sleeping bag, out of bed a fleece onesie / babygro, or even a dressing gown as he's walking.

lifesnotfair321 · 11/09/2022 08:15

Can confirm it's warmed up a bit now ! We had some porridge and got dressed into warmer clothes but yes as a PP said the house doesn't retain heat well as it is so old!
Some snarky comments on here- I only asked if it was unreasonable to put the heating on lol !

saleorbouy · 11/09/2022 08:19

Put more clothes on the baby, a vest and a baby grow are normal atire. Add a jumper or cardigan and put a blanket over them.
I wouldn't say 12'c is freezing unless you're metaphorically speaking.
Have you good loft unsulation, added window seal tape etc. to aid heat retention in the home?

saleorbouy · 11/09/2022 08:26
IhateHermioneGranger · 11/09/2022 08:37

Baby isn't too old for a sleeping bag. Mine was in one until nearly two. Get a 3 tog one. I do think it is too early to put it on and that is coming from me who feels the cold!

blepp · 11/09/2022 08:58

Op have you name changed? It makes it difficult to follow your posts is all.

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