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Covid cough suddenly stopped!

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User112 · 10/09/2022 04:07

My sister is on her own at the moment as her DH is abroad on a business trip. She tested positive 3 days ago. Day1, 2 she had high fever and chills. Felt super weak. Fever disappeared by day3, but awful cough started. It progressively got worse and by evening she was coughing non-stop. So much that her Head and stomach hurt from all the coughing. She texted me last night around 11pm saying she feels better.

I’m up with worry so I texted her when I woke up to pee. She replied saying she is fine and the cough stopped. She is up watching the crown! Wtf !! Awful non stop cough - just suddenly stopped! No fever. Oxygen levels with that finger oximeter are 98-99% (don’t know how accurate they are)

Is she on the mend then?

No nasty comments please. I’m worried as she is on her own. Should things suddenly turn worse, we need at least an hour to drive to her. They moved there recently so no friends nearby. I went on day1 to drop off supplies, teas, paracetemol and food to freeze for a week.

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vodkaredbullgirl · 10/09/2022 04:09

Sounds like she is getting better.

phishy · 10/09/2022 04:28

As you weren’t planning to go up , it seems counterintuitive to make the 1 hour journey now she is on the mend.

The cough had to end sometime. And sometimes people exaggerate illness to get sympathy. I’ve done it myself 😊

DiamanteFan · 10/09/2022 05:39

This happened to me with Covid - the awful painful cough stopped very quickly then a few days later came back as a non painful but irritating niggly cough.

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