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To not want to work in the living room

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Workingmumma86 · 09/09/2022 15:54

Both work full time. However I work in an office job, hybrid working which means I work at home 3 days a week

Dh works in a role where he has to go in, no wfh option but also does shifts. But that also means he has a lot more time off when I am working. This week he is on a week off so sitting around the house not doing anything while I'm working.

We have just had a huge row as I have sat in my office area (garage conversion off the living room, set up with multiple screens etc) most of the week as I have had calls and need the screens, rather than come in and sit in the living room with the laptop and watch TV with him/spend time with him

Tried explaining I am at work and need to get work done not watch TV and chill, he's now in a hump saying I prioritise work over him

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Blixem · 09/09/2022 16:05

This is why I arrange my WFH when DH is working!

To be honest, he's not too bad when I remind him I'm working, just keeps popping in for a chat or to see if I need food/drink.

Namechanger355 · 09/09/2022 16:06

Doesn’t make much sense

jist tell him you are working - you know like he does when he is out of the house

NovaDeltas · 09/09/2022 16:09

What a selfish tit. There's a certain type of man that envies their wives working and will even try to sabotage it. Then they trot out the old 'you prefer work to me.' Like a pathetic baby.

The only way is to be firm, like a dog pissing on the carpet. Headphones on, ignore him, keep focused and if he keeps being a dick and sabotaging your job, identify a room in the house you will convert to a lockable office if he can't behave like an adult.

WFH made a number of men start acting like this once they could see and hear their partners at work. They can see that they're capable adults worthy of respect - and some hate it. It makes them bitter and jealous. Don't be surprised if he starts setting ultimatums or brings home a random let, anything to ruin your work.

Ilikewinter · 09/09/2022 16:15

Yep hes being ridiculous....nothing more to say really!

AlrightAlrightAlrightMatthewMcConaughey · 09/09/2022 16:17

Your man sounds like a child

WhatWouldHopperDo · 09/09/2022 16:19

That’s ridiculous. Of course you’re prioritising work, you’re working.

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