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(TW weight loss/MH) To ask for tips on putting on weight when you’ve got anxiety?

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Twirlingwithacrunchie · 09/09/2022 13:21

i had a really stressful start to the year - breakup, new house, new city, new job - all in the space of a week.

I thought I was coping well and decided to go on a health kick. So I did stuff like cutting out crisps and reducing takeaways (would still eat out in restaurants and eat takeaways maybe 3 times a month, so not a lot of reduction!)

I also started low intensity exercise - martial arts - once a week which I loved! I felt healthy and fab.

I always ate 3 meals a day and also a “supper” in the evening like cake or cereal or whatever. I didn’t ever skip meals or deny myself food when I was hungry. I didn’t cut out any food aside from crisps. I never counted calories so I had no idea how much I was eating. I never weighed myself either.

3 months into my “new life” I collapsed in work and went to the hospital where they said it was likely due to stress. I did mention the “healthier” eating but they said my bloods showed no sign of malnutrition, and tbh I really wasn’t restricting food - I was just eating healthier!

anyway, the fainting continued so I decided to take things into my own hands and reintroduce crisps and takeaways in a bid to get better. But after 2 months that didn’t help.

I’ve been eating what I’ve always eaten- cereals, white pasta, pizzas, peanuts, cashews, white bread, pork pies/meats, crisps, yogurts, biscuits, milk…always 3 meals a day, always eating til I’m full, and always a snack before bed.

the more I’ve stayed at home with this illness waiting for neurologists and cardiologists, the more extremely anxious I’ve become. I was told last week that I am now underweight - only by 3lbs, but it has terrified me something awful. I don’t want to be this thin - I hate my body. My mother has anorexia and I’m terrified that fate awaits me.

I’ve been given supplement drinks which I am more than happy to drink and will do alongside my 3 main meals and evening snack. I’ve stopped all walking and unnecessary movement.

here’s the troubling thing - since I found out I’m underweight, I’ve been extremely extremely anxious. My anxiety comes out in nausea, panic attacks and vomiting. It’s so bad that I can’t stomach food, which is obviously not good at the moment.

I’ve managed to eat more as the day goes on - things with high calories like nuts, smoothies and crisps to try and keep my calories up, but I’m so scared of losing more weight.

My supplement drinks haven’t arrived yet, which is annoying.

it’s a vicious cycle: I’m anxious because I’m underweight. I begin having panic attacks at the thought of developing anorexia, I feel sick, I started to gag on food, I can’t stomach it or throw it up, I get more anxious because I’ll be losing weight.

I’ve NEVER been scared of putting on weight. I don’t want to be like this. I want to get back to a healthy weight!!!

i guess I’m looking for advice - how can I stop the anxiety?

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Lavendersummer · 09/09/2022 13:32

Have you had blood tests to check your vitamin levels: iron/ferritin, vitamin d and B12 can all cause feelings of low mood/anxiety etc
Could you afford a therapist ? To talk to to help manage your anxiety. Even Skype or telephone Councelling can be helpful

Twirlingwithacrunchie · 09/09/2022 13:37

Thanks so much for replying. I’ve had bloods done and was deficient in Vit D and B12 but have supplemented with prescriptions for both for 2 months and now back for normal levels.

I was in therapy but it ended shortly before my collapse… how ironic! I was actually in a good place mentally. I had been talking through the abusive relationship I’d left (years ago, not my recent breakup) and felt a weight lifted off my shoulders.

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Sunsetskies90 · 21/09/2022 09:50

Hello @Twirlingwithacrunchie I suggest keeping a record of your weight with weekly weigh ins so you can monitor it. Hope you're doing OK. I had similar after a stressful period and lost lots of weight, I know how hard it can be. I know 3lbs isn't a lot but it's still a worry for you. How are you doing with the supplement drinks?

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