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To think this could be very serious?

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RichPetunia · 08/09/2022 20:43

This growth has appeared on the side of my mum’s face, very suddenly. The doctor thinks it’s shingles. I think it’s not and could be something more sinister. Any opinions please?

To think this could be very serious?
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Am I being unreasonable?


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Nugg · 08/09/2022 20:54

Not remotely shingles


butterflied · 08/09/2022 20:55

A relative shingles. It did not look like that. But it does look like skin cancer. Another relative was treated for that, and he is fine. Get a second opinion. Good luck.


wwyd2021medicine · 08/09/2022 20:55

Shingles my arse


Swedecabbagelime · 08/09/2022 20:56

Did the doctor see this in person?


UrghBlahBlahBleugh · 08/09/2022 20:56

Sorry, pic didn't attach last time
Example.of shingles (red sore blisters that eventually scab over)

To think this could be very serious?

Hellocatshome · 08/09/2022 20:57

Looks nothing like any shingles I've ever seen.


UrghBlahBlahBleugh · 08/09/2022 20:57

Example of skin cancer (melanoma)

To think this could be very serious?

AceSpades54321 · 08/09/2022 20:59

Did the doctor actually see it? Or was it a telephone consultation??


Howmanysleepsnow · 08/09/2022 20:59

Not shingles. See a different doctor asap.


CrotchetyQuaver · 08/09/2022 20:59

Did she actually see a doctor face to face or was that an over the phone diagnosis?
Shingles doesn't look like that.
If there is an e-consult option at her surgery then I would use that, my one allows you to attach a photo off the offending part as well. Or phone again, get an email address to send that photo to and I would hope that they would stir themselves and reconsider the potential diagnosis.


Oinkypig · 08/09/2022 21:01

In theory I suppose that could possibly be an atypical presentation of shingles but if I had a patient come to me with mouth/dental pain and I saw that on their face I would be making a 2 week referral to maxfac/dermatology regardless if they also had actual toothache. I’m not usually one to recommend going back after a HCP has examined and diagnosed but I would for that. Hope your mum is ok.


2020firsttimemum · 08/09/2022 21:01

Oh my gosh I can't believe a Gp would diagnose that as shingles! Please get a second opinion op


MRSAHILL · 08/09/2022 21:02

My 90 year old father in law had something very similar on his nose in January. I don't want to alarm you, but it turned out to be skin cancer. It was successfully removed under local anaesthetic and he has been under the care of an NHS plastic surgeon who is extremely pleased with the results. You would now never know he had this just a few months ago, it has completely gone and he feels great in himself. Please get a 2nd opinion urgently.


ToppCat · 08/09/2022 21:02

That doesn’t look anything like shingles and I’ve had it loads of times. She needs to go back and ask for a two week referral to a dermatologist.


lljkk · 08/09/2022 21:06

Last year I saw FIL in person, first time in yrs.
Has a large red scabby shedding growth on his head.
I gently ask about it...
"The doctor said it's nothing to worry about."
"He sees doctors a lot, they aren't worried."
I get to puzzling.
Suspicion grows.
"When did a doctor say that?"
Turns out FIL hasn't seen a nurse or doctor in > 3 yrs !! That was when FIL asked about a tiny scab growth on his scalp, like mild eczema then it was.

And still hasn't seen one, even now. I think it's a SCC. Or BCC. But ... FIL's choice.


BirmaBrite · 08/09/2022 21:10

Did the Doctor actually see her or was it a phone consult - you can imagine age, facial blister now scabbed, nerve type pain symptoms, being diagnosed as possible shingles, but seeing the actual photo or person would surely make you think probably not shingles ?


AlwaysGinPlease · 08/09/2022 21:11

Agree, not shingles. Please keep us updated OP.


BirmaBrite · 08/09/2022 21:11

Does she have any other blisters/scabs anywhere else or just the one in the photo ?


Vallmo47 · 08/09/2022 21:13

OP is there a chance your mum simply told you it was shingles to reassure you and she’s already being treated for something else… I’m sorry to say that but maybe have another word with her first. Wish you both well


5YearsLeft · 08/09/2022 21:16

@RichPetunia That is NOT shingles. It’s clearly black and pitted, and it’s causing radiating pain, you say? It looks almost necrotic, which would be advanced melanoma indeed. I have attached a picture NOT of a specific case (which might make people ill) but of a medical drawing, which shows how melanoma does this. Please get a second opinion ASAP, or even go to A&E about the radiating pain (radiating jaw pain should NOT wait) as that indicates she need to be on the two-week pathway two weeks ago. There is no way it’s shingles and I would say there’s almost a 90% chance of a cancer diagnosis. And I say this has someone who constantly has some quite nasty sores that aren’t cancer, that look awful, but STILL don’t look that bad.

To think this could be very serious?

ChardonnaysBeastlyCat · 08/09/2022 21:16

This is nothing like shingles. Change the doctor.


WonderingWanda · 08/09/2022 21:19

That doesn't look like shingles, I've had it on my face. That looks really nasty and I think you are right to be worried. Try and see another Dr as soon as possible.


Theonlyoneiknow · 08/09/2022 21:24

Did the doctor just say I think it's shingles, not to come back or anything? Agree please get her an emergency appointment tomorrow and keep us posted x


CactusBlossom · 08/09/2022 21:25

My mum had shingles in her ear - nothing like that! Urgent second opinion. Ring NHS 111 if you are worried tonight.


bm2021 · 08/09/2022 21:30

I saw this on an instagram medical page about half an hour before reading your post and couldn’t help but compare. Like everyone else has said.. don’t wait, get a second opinion.

To think this could be very serious?
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